17 September 2004

Boys and girls

Okay, I really should be in bed now, but how can I sleep when I've just discovered that I'm the lone female in a group of forty Bloggers who listed The Magnificent Seven as a favorite movie? It's a bit unnerving. What could it mean?

I just checked in here to mention that I now have photos up on a couple of my older entries: a fine specimen of a knitted uterus is now on display--see Knittily winks, September 13th; and a rear-view of my DH modelling the coveted recycled sari magic pants--see And now for something completely negligible, September 9th.

That's all for tonight. I have to rest now, rest and contemplate my status as the only blogging woman to own up to appreciating one of the coollest westerns ever made.

1 comment:

Jamie said...

You just like it cuz it used to be CHINESE! I would love it (being 100% western myself) if it weren't for James Coburn--he gives me the heebie-jeebies!