14 September 2004

Spam for breakfast

Spam Rant Du Jour

From: Marlon Pike (hmm, sounds a little fishy . . . ar ar ar)
Subject: Without This, You Failed Ferris

I failed ferris? Ferris wheel? How can anybody possibly fail ferris wheel? It's the easiest ride at the fair, next to the kiddie-go-round. I guess pulling up the safety bar, standing up in the swing-seat, rocking violently back and forth, and wildly flapping one's arms could ultimately lead a person to ferris failure. But I've always been a sufficiently serene rider, a contented cog in the carny's Big Wheel. So, the first problem with this email is that it's misinformed. Marlon just doesn't know me.

But if I actually had failed ferris wheel and lived to tell about it, to what would I now be attributing my [ahem] downfall? What's the one critical thing I'd confess I lacked in my corn dog days? Balance? Common sense? A seatmate willing to strongarm me? A stable level of beta-endorphins? Magnets in my shoes? Is this what Marlon is hoping to sell me? Marlon, are you a Nikken distributor? Okay, so that's problem number two with this email: manipulative salesmanship. Just tell me what you're selling up front and let me decide if I have a need for it. Don't try to humiliate me by reminding me that I once fell out of a ferris wheel (which I didn't), and thus secure a sale.

After reading the body of Marlon's message, I realized I'd had him all wrong; he never intended for me to wear magnets, or to feel better, or to ride with a friend. He wants me to send him money so I can announce to the world that I'm educated. He's got my answer, the great trick that will prevent me from taking more embarrassing and possibly fatal nosedives and splatting on the pavement. I can easily (and, no doubt, cheaply) acquire that coveted and oh-so-useful college degree I've dreamed of. In no time at all I could even be calling myself Doctor. Quick, painless, ignorant status can be mine with one phone call, one brief transfer of credit card funds. Wow.

Obtaining a DIPLOMA/PHD/MBA/BA has never been so easy!
Call today and find out how you could get your DIPLOMA/PHD/MBA and or BA
from a highly credited college, Full Transcripts,
A Letter of Recommendations, and also your GPA.

No required tests, classes, books, or interviews.
Diplomas are available include but are not limited to:
Bachelors, Masters, MBA, and Doctorate (PhD)
Available in any field of your choice.
Everyone is approved, Never is anyone turned down.
Total Confidentiality assured.
Call Today {206-202-xxxx} get a ..DIPLOMA/|PHD/MD/MBA/BA within days!

24 hours a day, 7 days a week
including Sunday and Holidays.
Available Internationally


This is 0ne t|me mai-|ing. N0 re-m0 val are re-quired

That's Mr. Pike's third strike: he's selling validity for the price of integrity. I'd rather interrupt the ride at its highest point and take a flying leap than buy into such idiocy and desperation. Please tell me this isn't evidence of the law of supply and demand. Marlon, baby, don't ever make the mistake of riding the ferris wheel with me; you'd be kissing your corn dog goodbye.


Jory Dayne said...

Um, let me say, as a recovering Carny, that you can indeed fail a Ferris Wheel, and it is not pretty when you do.

Jamie said...

Georgia, is that short hair I see in your About Me photo? It's just lovely and I can't believe you didn't write me and say, "Dear Jamie: I have cut off my long-n-lovely locks. Love, Gee." You are blessed to look fabulous in all kinds of hair do's and I envy that, really. Long time ago when we was fab I remember you had evolving coifs, then it seems to have been all-one-length for a long time, so the change is quite fun. Or maybe that's an old picture and I am definitely up too late if I can write this many words about YOUR HAIR! Love you, sista...

xue jun said...

Umm.....hi?I'm not really wanted here am i?Anyway,i like your photo in your ABOUT ME part of the blog and hey,you're rather pretty!i speak a little french.....heehee!if you hv the time'visit my blog:milliondogs.blogspot.com K?Au revoir!

Geo said...

Jamie: Thanks for the compliment. It's an old me and a new picture. That was my 'do just before the growing out uglies started taking control. Hair happens. What can you do?

Geo said...

xue jun: Thanks to you as well for your kind words. YOu are welcome here, of course. Just remember to watch your french!