13 September 2004

Knittily winks

I'm pretty much dying to share this gem sent to me by my sister-in-law, Becca. Question is: Should I hold out till I can also show you a picture of the finished product? The answer is an absolute YES, but you see, I'm too impatient to yield to reason. This is just too fantastic not to pass on ASAP. I promise to post the photo as soon as I've got my image-uploading glitches figured out. If you think you need to see it before that time, email me, and I'll gladly send you the visual. This one's especially for the girls. Hey, you just never know when you might need a spare!

On a related subject (but a different body part), here's another cool knitting pattern. You'll for sure want to make two of these. Scroll down to page 2 of the document to make the most of what's left of Summer 2004. (Is it just me, or do you also get the urge to switch the model's 3rd and 4th toes . . . on both feet?) Thanks for telling me there is such a thing as knitted flip-flops, Heidi.

I have been named the new organizer for a local Meetup.com Knitting Group. Got my first round of info sent out today to the seven maybe-interested-maybe-not members, after wrestling unsuccessfully with online forms. Meetup.com is a splendid concept, and I'm all for it, but I must say their website navigation stinks. Maybe they're still in the guinea pig stage, and I'm just a cute, fat, rodent.

I'll have you know I have had a few non-knitting-related thoughts today. Here's evidence.

Favorite bloggers I've been spying on this week

Hoobickie (who has only ever posted one entry on his blog, but is still my number one read) • • • Joh • • • Scott • • • Heidi • • • Jory • • • Jamie

UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! (16 September)

I have moved up the food chain a whole rung; I can now post images! To celebrate, I'll post my photo of nice, warm knitted uterus, as I promised!

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Jamie said...

That freaky uterus reminds me...I watched an Oprah show last week wnere they had a doctor (or a surgeon /coroner or something) guy on with all kinds of body parts and organs to show (a) what they actually look like and (b)the difference between healthy and diseased. I was totally surprised by the uterus! I mean, I have been told it's the size of a pear and all, but it's a small pear that's pretty flat, too. I simply cannot believe that little thing blew up to carry my melon-headed Heidi or my almost-9-pound Addie- girl...and then shrunk back down, too! Amazing, really. That little balloon brings so mcuh joy and grief. By the way, on a totally different note, pass that email I sent you on to your friend Jory. I can't find contact info for him, but I know you can. Now I am REALLY going to bed!