18 September 2004

A study in human behavior

Solve this word problem: Zuzu and Alfred are self-employed. Having recently reached again the low point in their usual feast-and-famine cycle, they have tightened their belts a few notches. Zuzu is (1) the family's designated household shopper, and (2) a long-time devotee to Aveda hair care products, which are sold exclusively in pricey salons. Zuzu hasn't been able to justify spending the equivalent of her weight in gold on Aveda in over a decade, but in her heart she remains loyal to her ideal. She regularly purchases a weakly consolatory substitute, Aura, as most every other brand brutalizes her hair. Recently, Zuzu and Alfred ran out of shampoo, right after they ran out of money. Rather than buy something like White Rain, Zuzu rummaged through her bathroom storage drawers until she produced three sample bottles of anti-bacterial liquid soap from Sam's Club, rationalizing that their contents couldn't be any worse for her hair than dollar store fry sauce. After three weeks' worth of shampoos, these were also emptied. Zuzu turned next to the kitchen for an emergency solution, figuring that dish soap was more or less the same as liquid hand soap. How many times will Zuzu wash her hair with Ajax before she admits the awful irony of the situation, swallows her pride, abandons the Aveda dream gone awry, and shells out a mere buck for some Suave?

The first person to give me the right answer (and there is a right answer) will receive a glamorous prize!

1 comment:

Jamie said...

I think Zuzu will wash her hair with Ajax once once and realize it's balness vs. Suave from then on. I personally prefer Palmolive if it's doubling as shampoo--as one of a dozen children, I often got caught in the same rut, washing my hair in the kitchen sink with dishsoap because (a) there was no shampoo and (b) there was too long a line for the bathroom anywway (ask me how many times I used napkins for TP!).I had to wash Addie's with Dawn last week to get the Desitin out and it was pretty nasty. Tell Zuzu to buy the Suave, but NEVER give up the Aveda dream...never.