08 July 2011

Surely Shall Show

3 (of many) beautiful things today:

•Meeting the sweet, darling three-year-old version of a little girl who is dear to me. I used to babysit her when she was just a tiny wide-eyed grub, and each time she was with me at my house I'd sing her songs and whisper into her ears, "You and I will always be friends." (It was also great to see this little girl's mama again and meet her new baby.)

•Building a small rug loom with Rob.

•Coming up with a fresh, money-conservative solution for at least part of our bookshelf shortage, and in the process of bringing all my old music books and sheet music upstairs and making them accessible, releasing some vital energy in myself that wants to fix the felts inside the piano and get practicing. I rediscovered my love of Mozart sonatinas today!

P.S. Try this five times, fast:

Surely Soren's shirtless sunburned shoulders shall show some soreness soon.

1 comment:

Becca said...

That's not my soren is it? Let's play some Mozart duets, wanna?