05 November 2009

Fruits of November

Rob's Saturday baking spree —

The last of the season are always the sweetest—

Roses that smell like autumnal apples—

[Off-topic—Today's right brain activity: going into new-to-me shops and getting my eyes full of color and texture. Also, trying on too many hats and sniffing my way across a perfume display.]


Nigel said...

Are those figs? I didn't know figs grew in Utah. I take that back, I've seen them in St. George, but that's St. George. You guys grow figs in p-town?

Jenny Mauro Hicks said...

WOW, those are some good lookin' rolls Rob!! They are beeyouteefull!! I'm really enjoying your writing Georgia...:) l,jen

Geo said...

Nigel—Yeah, they are really figs! Our tree is very small and we only get a few figs each year, but progressively more over time. If you want more of the story look here: http://onbrightstreet.blogspot.com/2004/09/fig.html

Jenny—You got that right. Rob is an excellent baker. He doesn't even have to wear his magic baker's hat anymore to get stuff to turn out right; he's that skilled! (Thanks!)

anna said...

i am so impressed with your pictures geoge, thanks so much for sharing the beauty, and for your everyday posts... i miss you very much. i'll try to post more too.