06 November 2009

Shady characters

Rob and I began a project together tonight: a shadow play. It's been five whole years since the first time I was involved in a shadow theater production. What a great experience that was. It's been on my mind off and on since then to create a shadow stage here in our house—and I think I may have finally hit upon just the right place for one, in the library. Oh, big ideas over here. Rob's been hearing me talk about shadow puppets since 2004, and bless his bones for getting into it with me tonight. We chose the story, got the characters worked out, and outlined the basic scenes. It's a start.

I have to say, I really love that Rob. What a wonder he is. And such a delight to be with. He's trying to support me in my right brain/well brain cause. Offers to play Set® with me in the evenings, brings in nice paper from the shop so I can fill it up with amateur stuff. Now this. It is a great thing to focus on and share, not to mention a natural step to take for two people so steadily involved with paper. Feels good to even be considering a creative project. The nice thing about shadow theater is that it can be effective even without much polish. If all we had were our hands and a wall a light, we could tell a story.

Look what these kids did—

Makes me smile. And smiling is good.


NV said...

Can't believe I didn't get around to performing this for Elias's kindergarten this year---maybe next halloween. Can't wait to see your production.

Heidi said...

Oh Georgia! I am so excited for your play and with the links you sent. We saw a wonderful shadow puppet play a couple of years ago which sent us into shadow puppet fever. It has led to a shadow puppet program at OUR library where the children will perform as part of our village's big yearly celebration.
I can't wait to see your production!

Melody said...

I'm smiling too.