04 November 2009

When I said whomped yesterday, I meant the other whomped

Not whomped as in decisively defeated, but as in struck heavily, or thumped. Like the way my head feels tonight. That kind of whomped. Sorry, my candidates, if I made it sound like you were any more than inched out by your opponents. Every race was a close one. Thanks for your clarification, Jessie. And like you, I'm ready to move on (and not move away, at least not after sleeping on the impulse). Hopefully the drama really is done. Anyway, here's to future days~

Meanwhile, back at the brain hatchery, check out this online Set® game. Remember, it's good for your left and right hemispheres. Like Wheaties for the mind.

(Talk about awesome packaging!)


c-dub said...

have i told you lately how much i love you?

i love you.

Jessie said...

I second c-dub's comment. And also, I love Set. We should play after guitar sometime... when that gets back on track.

Did I tell you that Janey is left-handed? Surprise to me, that's for sure. Makes me rethink the ways I interact with her, and want to learn to do more left-handed, though I am very dominantly right.

Jamie said...

so fun. online set=online migraine...I am impaired.

thanks for inspiring all your readers to expand our minds. I putt and bat left-handed, but fine motor skill require my righty. Hmmm. looks like all our kids are righties, too (tho daddy's a lefty), and I've just noticed as I prepare the Melin Family Singers for the Christmas season that 2 of the children have a very easy, natural musical ear and one has to work for it. brains are amazing. i can't wait to use 100% of mine someday when we're purely intelligent.

can U tell it's after midnight adn I jsut took Nyquil?