09 November 2009

Art fare for the common man

Today I was lucky model #48 for this great project by artist Steven Waggoner. More details about the experience tomorrow, but for now, how about an invitation to the opening reception that's happening in THREE DAYS? Please come and enjoy food and folks and, if you're so inclined, even take part in the silent auction which will benefit the Food and Care Coalition. Steven is delightful and has done an impressive job with his "one-hour" portraits.

It's pretty much guaranteed that if you live in Provo you'll know at least one of Steven's models. No, really. You doubt me? Okay then, what about Mayor Billings? What about ME?

Please bring your friends, your interest, and your wallet too if you can spare a dime.


Amy said...

Wow, that is so cool! I've never heard of this before. How fun to see multiple people we know! :) Has yours just not been posted yet?

Geo said...

Nope, not posted yet. I think Steven's just behind on his blog. But the show's great!