10 November 2009

So much to blog about, so little time for sleep

Tonight I choose sleep. But here's my working list of what I'd like to blog about from the past two days, and hopefully I can spend some time fleshing out these notes tomorrow, when the world isn't spinning quite so fast. IF, that is.

• brain mapping and mindful spending
• sitting for an artist/making a friend
• meditative "OPEN" signs
• becoming thoroughly bone-chilled
• a strange dream
• Bjorking electrodes
• the way to shop Savers
• Solomon's ceramic cash cow
• an old man dog who moans while making his bed
• my Vicks trick
• guts
• finally, another screenplay
• plant diagnostics
• jigsaw therapy
• raisin-filled inspiration and long-sought fritters
• writin' roll
• Wasatch Elementary art extravaganza
• old friends
• new friends (Hi, Lee! Hi, Lara!)
• period dramas—are they worth their crinoline?

That's way too much to cover. Always the perfect place for me to stop.

Until tomorrow—
Vicks out.


Becca said...

I, for one, am really hoping you get a chance to "flesh some of these notes out"; I would love to hear more. Good luck at your portrait debut tonight!

anna said...

i agree with becca, i want to hear about these notes fleshed out! i've been thinking only about 2 things. taxes, and emergency preparedness.

lara said...

Hi--I want to know your Vicks trick. Love the Vicks. Great blog!