15 October 2009

Yes, you can

Oh, you're brave enough, absolutely. After all, it's only a play. Just make sure you're sitting next to someone you can hold onto for dear life, someone who won't mind if you scream. And make sure to buy a homemade concession cookie; you're going to need that comfort food.

Don't miss it!


Lois said...

Last year I listened to a radio play of "Frankenstein" and it scared me half to death! I don't know if I can go to this one if it's faithful to Mary Shelley's original story.

Maybe "Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein"?

Christine said...

Just the poster freaks me out.

Geo said...

Lois, you'd better stick with what works.

Christine, the monster in the play is not as svelte and gothic looking as the fella in the poster. Be brave!

topher clark said...

Anonymous said: "I'll only go to this if it features Chris Clark in tight gray pants and an English accent."

Geo said...

Hey, Chris, we were really sad to see you get brutally murdered by the monster. Made us forget all about the tight pants. Shows who your true friends are.