16 October 2009

Complementary colors

Yesterday I went to the Gap to buy myself some yellow tights I've had my eye on, but they were sold out. To console myself, I made a quick trip to my favorite department store to see what I could find. It wasn't until I went into the dressing room with a healthy armload of second-hand bargains that I realized I had gone on an unintentional color spree: practically everything I'd pulled from the racks was purple. PURPLE! The complete opposite of what I'd originally gone out for. I don't think I had one single purple item in my closet before this visit to D.I. I certainly took some home though, loving and laughing at every royal bit of it.

When I think back a few days, it may well be that my morning poo-rambulations with my dog Izzy might actually be responsible for my new-found interest in purple. There's a woman who lives a short leg stretch from my house. I have a friendly crush on her. We've never actually met, but have greeted one another in passing and she feels like soul kin. She's got a lush, crazy yard full of beautiful vining and blooming things. She's grey-haired and groovy. AND. She drives a dark purple VW bus. It's terrific! Did I say I had a crush on the hippie lady? I have a bigger crush on her auto. Just recently a "For Sale" sign appeared on its windshield, and every morning I pass by that bus I imagine myself behind the wheel. Sure, I'd get plenty of ribbing for it. Think I care?

We don't need a second vehicle or the expense of one, but I can't help thinking about it.

So. With all this backstory in mind, imagine my surprise when last night at Saigon Café with Rob and Annie I cracked open my second fortune of the night (the owner likes us) and The Cookie Oracle said: "Focus on the color purple this week to bring you luck."


(I still need those yellow tights.)


Natasha said...


Also, my dog is named Izzy, too!

Nat The Rat said...

Have you seen that episode of The Simpsons? With the fortune cookies and the "cheat on your wife" barrel? No? I bet that gray haired hippie was back in that kitchen making you that special fortune cookie just so you'd go buy her VW. She's tricky, that gray haired hippie.

Amanda Nemelka said...

You are hilarious! I miss having you around more often. :(

AzĂșcar said...

I wore purple yesterday.

And today.

And maybe tomorrow.

Nat The Rat said...

Totally creepy I just came across this: Proverbs 31:22 "She maketh herself covering of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple."

(Look at me getting all spiritual on you.)

sue-donym said...

I love purple. And the Saigon Cafe.

And I must see you in those yellow tights!

Christine said...

Man!!! I ALMOST got take out from Saigon Cafe last night. Should've gone with my instinct! It would have been SO fun to run into you.

Writermama said...

i can relate to having a friendly crush on a gray haired hippie in a purple bus. particularly in provo!! i have been thinking of buying a yellow pair of tights at h&m. i wonder why they are in the collective sartorial unconscious right now. are yellow tights the must have item for fall?!?

and i, too, love purple. please post photos of some of your purple di finds!

Geo said...

Natasha, I've decided you and I are walking the same cosmic dog, in so many ways.

Nat, you make me laugh! If my hippie crush is the one cranking out fortunes I can hardly wait to find out what's next.

Amanda, remember I'm YW emeritus now, so you can always invite me along!

Azucar, you ARE purple.

Nat again, I'm not making tapestries, but I am knitting a purple hat. Does that count?

Sue, would you pretend not to know me if I wore my purple and my yellow together?

Christine, we could have compared fortunes! I would have loved seeing you too.

Writermama, I would imagine there are a few grey hippie VW bus drivers out there with crushes on YOU. And if that's not a compliment, I don't know what is.

I can't speak to the collective mind, I only know that I fell hard for that particular yellow two years ago when we travelled through autumnal Oregon. I've wanted to be that color ever since.