14 October 2009

Garlic is a girl's best friend

If you don't believe me, click this link and read five pages of folk remedies featuring garlic! I bravely started eating it raw today (and let me tell you, that can be a painful experience), and not only have I been bitten by zero vampires, I also believe there's some kind of aggressive garlicky hoodoo beginning to be worked on the virus passing through my body. It's as comforting as having a big brother with bad breath just waiting for me to say the word so he can pound the living daylights out of anybody who bothers me.

Don't let its peaceful demeanor fool you. Garlic wants to kick butt.

Photo by CarbonNYC/David Goehring


c-dub said...

hope you feel better soon!

Brian P from NYC said...

I love garlic. Half a clove and 2 onions make up the base of nearly everything I cook. I even stuff a whole clove into chicken when I roast one (along with a lemon cut in half). I may smell but I'm healthy. :)

HillTopStar said...

I hope you feel better! Garlic rocks.

Angela said...

are you still eating raw garlic? i don't think i'm brave enough. but i do put a lot in raw in homemade hummus which will guarantee you bad breath for at least 12 hours.