22 October 2009

Eyeing the locals

Short post tonight, in regards to my edumacation:

I'm excited about what I'm learning in my Master Gardener class—today I swooned over the "wine tasting" party (freshly-juiced grapes, don't get excited) at the end of the lecture, and made myself promises to build an arbor, hunt down the very most excellent grapes that will grow in Utah, get some gooseberry and currant starts, and so on. Small fruits day was an inspiration to say the least.

I'm also enthused about the three days of WDA staged readings and feedback sessions I was privileged to sit through. The experience motivated me to get writing and showed me the strength of a supportive writing group—creativity by committee, as it were.

It's time for my day to end—I'm tired and I missed Bunco Night—but I have big ideas trailing after me as I slowly make my way toward Slumberland.

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