23 October 2009

Dog training

"I don't like standing near the edge of a platform when an express train is passing through. I like to stand right back and if possible get a pillar between me and the train. I don't like to stand by the side of a ship and look down into the water. A second's action would end everything. A few drops of desperation." —Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

savage god, noonday demon
of the soul's dark night
the black dog snaps at my heels

Question: Why did Winston Churchill leave me his dog?
Statement: Muzzling doesn't ultimately help.
Question: Who wants to dog-sit for me?
Question: Can a bad dog be rehabilitated?


anna said...

black dog. have you been laying bricks? dog training, for me, was like brick laying. love you geo.

Geo said...

I've been shelving and sorting books, which is very like bricklaying. love you too. please come back!

Lois said...

Is this the same dog that chewed up my Dr. Seuss "Sneetches" book when the previous owners had it?

Evil dog.