21 October 2009

A library is born

A crazy day, a doctor day, a needles in my head day. Thank heaven for three things:

this recipe,
•taking advantage of the opportunity to sit in on a playwriting workshop at the university,

and most importantly,

•coming home to find that Rob had completely built and bolted the wall o' Billy bookshelves.


These blessings more than make up for the fact that the nurse must have forgotten to put the usual numbing juice in the syringe with the meds. Owee. But I refuse to be a sorehead about it.

So tonight I started unboxing basement books that haven't seen the light of day for a long, long time. Which do you think were the first books to be placed on these pristine shelves? Pogo comics!

WHAT?! You don't know what I'm talking about? You've never met Pogo possum? Why, you simply must get acquainted. My mama had me reading this stuff as a pre-school tyke, and look how I turned out. (Was that a good selling point? or not?)

Here is an entire book of the stuff, posted online for your enjoyment. It's one I don't have in my collection, so it's new to me too. Have fun going back in time—Walt Kelly was a genius, if you ask me.


Sister Pottymouth said...

Um, needles in your head? What?

Hooray for bookcases!!!!

Chemical Billy said...

Oh oh, I haven't read Pogo in oh so long!

And curse that nurse with her un-numbed needling anyway.

Catherine Hess said...

ouch! I hope your head feels better soon. I love the book cases! Pulling out boxed books is almost as good as Christmas - have fun :)

Geo said...

Julie, this treatment is a monthly thing, for bad brains. Just kidding, it's for alopecia. Makes me feel pretty tough, you know? Nerves of steel and all that. Whatever.

Billy! I thought of you when I was getting stuck, realizing it's been exactly a month since our visit to Bald Mountain. My, how time do fly. xoxo

Catherine, I agree. Unpacking books is like meeting up with old friends. I can't imagine life without either!

Becca said...

post photos ... please?

Mary said...

Oh my heavens, the pumpkin oatmeal--what a perfect recipe for this time of year.

Sorry to that hear you need to endure the needles. We feel strongly in this house that when needles are involved ya gotta have a little treat after--maybe a lil' scoop of vanilla something-or-other on that there oatmeal? :-)

Nigel said...

"We have met the enemy, and he is us."

Geo said...

Becca, photos are coming, as soon as the books are all in. (But don't get too excited—it's your basic Ikea fix.)

Mary, you are so right about the ice cream! And I think it would go really well with that pumpkin recipe, which is actually as good a dessert as it is breakfast.

Nigel, you must be a believer.

Chemical Billy said...

She do, Geo. She do fly...