17 October 2009

I eat and obey

I was away from home most of the day, but had my knitting bag with me. I completed my first Christmas gift! My goal is to be finished with the gift-making and gift-choosing by Thanksgiving at the latest, and if I can, as soon as the end of this month. I managed such a feat one year and had the most relaxed holiday season ever. I'd like to enjoy that experience again, and perhaps even make it a personal tradition.

After I got the gift done I decided to make myself a hat, since I don't have a lovable one anymore. I stole a moment at home in between things to rummage through my basement stash of yarn—I'm trying to use up what I have before I let myself buy any new fibers (we'll see how long that resolution lasts)—and to my delight, I found two forgotten skeins of a soft beautiful wool a friend gave me a few years ago. What color were they? Can you guess? PURPLE! Again with the cookie. Well, what's to do be done with my one and only bonafide superstition, except to eat and obey? Sometime I'll have to tell you the story of how a fortune cookie led Rob to me. Maybe you'll be a believer too after that. Ha!

So I'm now in the process of knitting myself some good luck. I look forward to wearing my rustic royal handknit lid. As good as any crown, I say, and far less heavy on the brow.


Jessie said...

A few things--

I'm excited to see your purple hat, it sounds delightful. I very much enjoyed sitting by you today and chatting--your gift sounds like a winner to me.

We ate Saigon tonight, and my fortune cookie suggested I take a vacation. I just got back from mine yesterday... maybe that wasn't enough?

I also have a story about my husband and a fortune cookie that hinted at a relationship for us that I should someday share with you.

Geo said...

Jessie, I'd have stayed with you a little longer if the spray adhesive ladies hadn't gassed me out.

I'm telling you, Yi's fortune cookies may be the least edible in town, but the messages inside are golden. I'm thinking you must need some extra respite—never doubt The Cookie Oracle! : )

I would like to swap love-in-a-cookie stories with you, any day.