12 December 2007

I do miscellaneous

good people who work for a good cause and make it a good time
• being informed by Sitemeter that since the end of November, random readers have stumbled onto my blog while searching for:
poetry "my pup and me"
"blogspot" "soundtrack" "adventures in slumberland"
why the welsh sing so beautifully
Feed me till I want no more football chant (UK)
thursday thong (plus two other variations on "thong" which I am not inclined to mention)
babes (Mexico)
"Kathryn Kennington"
(and, strangely, from five different countries on five separate days) street pee
• switching over to Google Reader
• my sweetheart receiving a fun package in the mail from his sister in Pokey (you clever girl)
• a present wrapped in exciting colors that made me think of . . . Tibetan monks . . . Hindu gurus . . .
• getting a sample of Rob's bag o' rice crackers
• nice ribbon
• cutting ever closer to the bone with the house purge
•seeing these photos today and realizing that this wonderful young woman becomes a wife in just a few hours (it choked me up more than once today)


Am'n2deep said...

I've really got to utilize sitemeter better. Very interesting.

Those pictures were absolutely amazing!

b. said...

oh, the thong seekers.....
and colostomy bag students....
I hope that on Saturday morning, moviegoers are stopping by the c-dub celebration for breakfast before taking in the Santa movie.....which WAS fabulous, by the way.

Katrina said...

Thanks for all your comments last night! Very fun.

emilyanne said...

getting close to the bone on any kind of project is so thrilling. Good job, Georgia.

~j. said...

Thanks for the link. Enjoy the show!

And...street pee?

Kalli Ko said...

our basement is next on the "things we've been putting off but can't ignore much longer because we can't even walk down there anymore" list

you have inspired me

Lois, Our Lady of Blogs said...

How do I get to be so lucky to have breakfast with you AND lunch? What a way to spend the day. I'm still smiling about it. Thanks for the greatness that is you!

Geo said...

AM'N. Ain't she a peach?

B. YOU are fabulous.

KATRINA. You're welcome. It's hard NOT to comment at your place!

EMILYANNE. You said it. It's better than Disneyland.

~J. Yes. Street pee. If it hadn't been such a global sort of strange-oid thing I might not have thought a thing of it. But weird, huh? A club, mebbe? (Ick, I don't want to think about it.)

KALLI. Basements like that often have voracious appetites for would-be cleaners. Be careful.

LOIS. You took the words right outta my mouth. I was feeling pretty special about getting a double-dose of Lois last Saturday. (Or should I say "this Saturday"? Ha!)

Elizabeth said...

Oh, Georgia.

You are just an angelic person.

Loved this.

Geo said...

ELIZABETH. What makes you say that? Is it because I am opposed to street pee?