17 December 2007

Eating and other niceties

Today's gratitude feast—

• learning: "set your intention"
• avocado + cuke + veg broth + fresh lemon + mesclun + cilantro + salt = delicious breakfast drink
• shiatsu
• love, seen and unseen
• curried roast veggie stew
• one chocolate-filled, chocolate-dipped fig (staggeringly delicious) from my fella (ditto)
• crocheting a new Christmas stocking for aforementioned fella
• finding a good turtleneck and a brand-new copy of Till We Have Faces at D.I.
• hospital cheeseburgers, one with fries, one with rings
• our Family Home Evening opening song: "Once in Royal David's City" —an, um, improvisational duet performed on nose flute and Clackamore
• Queen Anne cherry cordials and home-dried apple rings from loving neighbors
• my girl crush, the sensible revolutionary, so:


Am'n2deep said...

So,this was one of my favorite lists so far. I WAS just ready to sign off and go to bed, but then I just HAD to read your post real quick first...it seemed like at first it would be a fast read (I was loving "one chocolate-filled, chocolate dipped fig (staggeringly delicious) from my fella (ditto)", and then...well, I got sucked in reading about C.S. Lewis's book and wanting to read more, educating myself on what the heck a nose flute and a clackamore are, and finding that you have good taste in girls.

All right, G'Nite ;O

Am'n2deep said...

p.s. Thanks so much for the cake, it was even more tasty when I got it home, and had come down from the sugar high (little too much cream on those crepes)!

p.p.s. The only thing more delicicious than the crepes and the clementine, almond cake was...YOU!

Alright, REALLY, 'Nite...

Elizabeth said...

Love your gratitude lists, Georgia. They are so specific and detailed.

Elizabeth-W said...

I've only known one other person in my life who enjoyed a good fig (that didn't come in a Newton). He had a huge tree in his backyard---my Grandpa George.....do you think that means anything?

Chemical Billy said...

Eep! You've made this sensible revolutionary blush...

And the girl crush is mutual. I could write a whole post about the ways I'm grateful for Geo (my own chocolate-covered fig).

Geo said...

AM'N. Sorry to contribute to your late-night delinquency. But I'm glad you got to broaden your horizons . . . if indeed a nose flute can do that. They are the silliest instruments in the world, and possibly the cheapest.

And you are most welcome for the cake. I have really been indulging myself lately too, and it's about time to mend my ways.

You're so sweet. Great people will have to take the place of sugar in my life—much healthier and longer-lasting!

ELIZABETH. I feel more grateful when I don't generalize. Fewer actual blessings fall through the cracks that way, though I'm sure I'm still missing some that are really obvious. It takes concentration, and I'm not always that disciplined.

EW. Yes! It means he was named well. There's almost nothing better to me than ripe figs. And I still have the old 70s fig newton jingle committed to memory. I can still hear Big Fig's funny voice.

BILLY. Hee! Made you eep!

Let's get married. Oh, wait, we can't. Well then, let's eat some figs!

sara said...

I do wish I could pull off wearing a beret.

Geo said...

SARA. I believe in you. Ya just gotta find the right one.

compulsive writer said...

Bless you.

b. said...

I think my comment is lost with the socks and binkies.

You had hospital cheeseburgers without me? Do you need my number? Because I need to get out of my hole.
(maybe you din't come to my hosp.)

I love shiatsu.
I love you.

Geo said...

C-DUB. I like that. But how come?

B. You lost your comment? It will come back to you, like all missing socks, from another dimension, in the form of belly-button lint. In your husband's navel. Sorry.

It was your hospital, but I was there about an hour after the end of 9-5 and it was a run in, pay for food, then rush home before it gets cold affair. BUT. That's a great idea. We should eat hospital burgers together soon. I like them once in a while. And I like you infinity in a while.

Gritty Pretty said...

haha! that's why my husband has so much lint in his navel and i only have mismatching socks!

chemical billy looks super familiar.

hey, i ran in to azucar at target. we're getting a party together of people we know in common and YOU are invited. so please plan on a PARTAY right after the holidays!

Geo said...

GRITTY. Fun! Let me know . . . .

You may very well know Chemical Billy. She used to live here in our fair town, and you may have even taken art classes from her papa.