11 December 2007

Here's what you do

First, you make sure you've got RealAudio or Windows Media installed.

Second, if you're prompted to install any plug-ins, just say YES.

Third, enjoy one of my favorite old gospel tunes. I've been looking for this recording forever. Wish I could figure out how to get it onto my iPod.

More gratefuls:

• neighbors who like us enough to give us a copy of their annual Christmas mix cd
• recalling a breakfast conversation from earlier this week:
Rob: Do you remember what you dreamed last night?
Geo: . . . erm . . . Well, I know there was something, but . . . no, it's gone now. Why?
Rob: You were talking in your sleep.
Geo: . . . ?? . . .
Rob: You said, "Look at all of that beautiful light!"
• the almond-clementine cake I made yesterday
• shocking pink beet pee
• birthday parties
• a simple, caring email from my brother-in-law in Pokey (thank you, thank you)


i i eee said...

I want shocking beet pink pee!!!

andi said...

Hey, I think the Holy Ghost is telling to call you up and ask for your help. But then again, maybe Heavenly Father really doesn't care how I decorate for a silly wedding reception and it isn't the Holy Ghost at all but only my own selfish paranoia that is telling me to call you up and ask for your help.

Wow. That sounds like I am WAY beyond help already.

Am'n2deep said...

K, I haven't listened to the song yet, but before I do, I must ask: Can I have a taste of your almond-clementine cake? That sounds divine!

Am'n2deep said...

Done, found a way to listen to the ol' gospel tune. I love the harmonies to those old songs. The closest thing we got is our soundtrack cd to "O Brother Where Art Thou", which I love.

Rynell said...

I just love your grateful lists. I need to write more lists like yours. Maybe I can ditch some of my silly 'to do' lists and just be still, quite and thankful.

SusieQ said...

Wow. Great harmony.

Geo said...

I I E EE. Yes! Yes, you do! Trust me!

ANDI. Is it because i said I like birthday parties? I'm not an advocate of arguing with the Holy Ghost, but the last parties I threw were all outside, someplace other than my house, with minimal (and I do mean minimal) decorations. Are you sure you're asking for the right deputy? I can put a burlap tablecloth on a table. I can light candles. I can make crepe paper flowers. I'm maybe the most unfancy person you know. You ARE feeling desperate, aren't you?

AM'N. I have a smidgen left. If you're going to be at Dalene's birthday crepe breakfast (and you should be) then I will freeze a sliver and bring you some. It's just a one-layer experiment, with no frosting. Very simple. I wonder if you'll like it the way I do.

I love that soundtrack too. I grew up in bluegrass country, so it works for me.

RYNELL. Hey, to-do lists might be something for your thankful list. We all have our things. Today I was almost thankful for my to-do list, but not quite.

SUSIEQ. Yeah! Isn't that song something?

Elizabeth-W said...

Do I want to know how you got the fancy pee?
I love to take pyridium (bladder infection pills-spelling may be off) and leave a shocking orange present for my girls. I'm creepy like that.

Geo said...

EW. Sure you want to know. Easy—overload on beets. See? That wasn't so bad.

I guess you and I are both creeps then, because I'm all about methylene blue brownies. Ever tried those on anyone? Oh, I have a beautiful story of jilted roommates and the revenge of the blue pee!

I need to try out your recipe for orange. Pretty soon I'll have a whole arse-nal of color corrections. Ha.

compulsive writer said...

almond clementine cake.


Elizabeth said...

Love that breakfast conversation.

Chemical Billy said...

Okay, that has to be the best talking-in-your-sleep line ever.

Geo said...

C-DUB. My fixation of the week is now lemons. I need to lay off the cake though, so I'll have to get more creative with my citrus.

ELIZABETH. Rob especially loves it when he can report my stupid sleeping tricks to me.

BILLY. I'm just really glad I didn't decide to go toward the light.

Brooke said...

almond clementine cake? yum.

Geo said...

So true . . . .