19 November 2007


Grateful for:

•yam fries
•4-minute eggs from happy hens, with yolks the color of yam fries
•relief from the constant, unanswerable food cravings, clear through the day till early evening
•a surprise session of energy work with my true sister Jeanne
•finally hitting on just the right inspiration for a present for Rob
•getting a start on making a gift for she-whose-name-I-drew-for Christmas
•paper that glitters like gold
•bone folders
•spray adhesive
•X-acto knives
•resisting the French bakery when I was practically next door (those almond croissants and pear tarts were crying for me)
•free patterns and ideas from the internet
•reading this article together and setting individual MORE and LESS goals
•simple plans
•Rob's miracle soup
•curried pilaf
•talking out a vexing situation together, getting one another's input, and making progress toward resolution
•working to keep others' names safe in my mouth
•re-learning that to forgive does not mean to ignore my feelings
•discovering more about the concept of unity, which in the ideal sense means bringing whole selves together, not elevating one while sacrificing another
•a massage table
•my trusty old fuzzy black Gap sweater
•a friendly drive-by from my cousins just to the north
•a hand-delivered, handmade party invitation, complete with a random Crayola sketch of a blue tuba, from a three-year-old
•the promise of sleep
•writing lists when the paragraphs won't flow
•the ecstatic news that the bowels of she-who-would-hurt-me-if-I-named-her finally started moving again
•a toddler niece who pretends to have a baby in her tummy, just like mommy
•Burt's Bees lip stuff
•choosing quiet together time over a DVD
•the computer's atomic clock
•Big Foot (second only to me in my husband's heart)
•one last beautiful warm day
•lamb burgers


Azúcar said...

Lamb burgers? Can I come over?

compulsive writer said...

I am loving your lists. Today I especially loved the child-hand-drawn blue tuba. Every invitation should sport a hand-drawn blue tuba.

Happy Thankgiving!

b. said...

Mmmm...Lamb Fries.

Oh, wait. YAM Fries. Mmmmm....
Where do you get those?

I love your lists.

Am'n2deep said...

I especially loved your list today. You hit on a couple of my favorite things: Raising your emotional IQ, and good communication, which makes for more solid, enduring, and fulfilled relationships.

"talking out a vexing situation together, getting one another's input, and making progress towad resolution."

"re-learning that to forgive does not mean to ignore my feelings."

"discovering more about the concept of unity, which in the ideal sense means bringing whole selves together, not elevating one while sacrificing another:

AND...massage tables (one of the best purchases I ever made)and energy treatments--I've given them, but haven't received one in awhile.

wendy said...

My first comment got lost because I typed the verification or my password wrong. :(

Yams make me happy. Costco has great yam fries.

Your lists bring me smiles. I enjoy the combination of ponderful, simple, and whimsical.

Hope your day is going well!

Geo said...

AZUCAR. Next time, do! I'm the only one in my household of two who enjoys lamb burgers, apparently. If I don't count the dog, that is.

C-DUB. I would say it was an abstract sort of tuba. Very artsy.

Happy turkey to you too!

B. Where do I get them? From my own chopping block. Git yerself some perty yams, slice 'em into sticks, toss 'em with some olive oil and salt, and bake 'em at 450 on parchment or foil till they're done enuf fer ya. Yumma. Beta carotene. Salty and sweet. Mmmmm.

AM'N. I've had some pretty wonderful energy work in the past with two other people, so I know it can be very good stuff. I've always been cautious though about who I let work with me. It's got to be a decent fit, and it's got to stay within the structure of my faith. So far, the volunteer treatments from my SIL have been fine, and have given me good things to think about. It's interesting the different paces and methods and results that come out of the work with different people. My SIL is convinced I'm a "healer" too, but what that means, I'm sure I'm not sure. 'Bout all I know how to fix is a mean curry sauce.

WENDY. Thank you! You know, I just love having you be a frequent flyer here now. I always look forward to your comments. Good elf!

Yams are sort of a woman's vegetable, don't you agree?

wendy said...

I hadn't thought about yams being a woman's vegetable, but now that you mention it, most of the men in my dh's family don't like them, and most of the women do. Hm!

It's fun haning out in your neighborhood, Geo!

wendy said...



Kalli Ko said...

burts bees, burts bees!!!

and yams

two of my favorito things

Rynell said...

miracle soup. yea! How do you make that?

Oh and yams, lamb and pilaf -- groovy.

andi said...

I think we should find a way to draw blogging family names for Christmas. Hmmmm. Maybe I will have to try to work out a system before Christmas. What am I thinking? I have a wedding reception on Dec. 26th. Everyone is getting black dress socks this year. You included!

Geo said...

WENDY. I don't know how it is with regular yams, but wild yams are used by some to naturally treat women's hormonal imbalances. Maybe your male in-laws are just afraid of getting in touch with their feminine side.

P.S. You don't have to fix your spelling here. I'm Queen Typo.

KALLI. You're doubly a woman! (Know any guys who use Burt's Bees?)

RYNELL. I will post the recipe before Thanksgiving, if I don't forget. And maybe one or two more.

Any edible dish is a miracle at our house if it can be made from existing pantry ingredients when a grocery trip is overdue.

Hey. You said "groovy."

ANDI. I've been thinking the same thing about drawing blogging names for Christmas, but haven't been able to muster the gumption (don't those words sound fine together?) to initiate such a fabulous thing. If somebody else wants to take charge, I'd sure add my name to the pot.

But I could possibly handle organizing a Valentine swap . . . .

P.S. I wear size 9-1/2 shoes. Just sayin'. I hate it when my black dress socks are too short.

Becca said...

yam fries sound damn good!