14 May 2007

This just in from the homefront

My cousin, Sean, who is a loving dad to two small children, sent me a profound email today:

I was putting Bethany to bed [last night] and asked if we could sing a song for Mother's Day. I was expecting to lead her in one of the Primary songs about moms. Instead she immediately began singing lyrics of her own design to a tune all her own. Most of it was "It's Mothers Day," repeated over and over again, but then one surprising line came out:

"Mother is like a flashlight in the dark."


Elizabeth said...

Awh. Thanks for sharing this. I'm grateful for my mom and the way she has been a light for me.

compulsive writer said...

Love it!

By the way. You are one of my flashlights in the dark.

b. said...

Very sweet!
My battery runs down every once in awhile. I'm with c-dub, that's when you come and.......you know it's coming
light up my life! (no, really!)

Geo said...

elizabeth: Your post about your mom knocked my socks off. I hope she reads what you write—it was a perfect Mother's Day gift!

c-dub: Are you sure you don't mean flashers in the dark? That's more my speed(o).

b.: Garsh, you're making me blush!

christa said...

Oh that is so cute... I love the creative things that kids can come up with and still have so much meaning behind them!

Liz said...

geo i wish we could have a nice long lunch with punch in tea cups and tulips at our feet! I totally think we could talk for hours and enjoy a warm summer breeze!

ew is that stalkerish enough for you? ;-)

Geo said...

christa: It seems right, doesn't it, that this piece of wisdom came from a Sunbeam?

liz: I'm not scared of you yet. You'll have to try a little harder. I think it would be GREAT to have an afternoon tea party with you! And I even have some new old cups and saucers to introduce, plus a matching teapot, sugar bowl, and creamer! You want to bring the chamomile?

Rynell said...

Love this comment.

And it was very nice to meet you in person. :)