18 November 2007

Forget Kevin Bacon, I'm two steps from the Dalai Lama

Thankful for:

"Mom's Stuff" made by lovely Lee (see celebrity endorsements)
•going outside with a trash bag at midnight and getting to see the big fat yellow half moon set
•grabbing my coat and chasing the moon down the street until it was finally out of sight
•knowing I'll wake up to more order than usual
•not thinking of it as losing sleep but as enjoying quiet, productive time
•the incredible tree heart my cousin sent me (this is something I must post about)
•dropping off another carload of weeded out stuff at D.I.
•a new blow dryer (finally)
•full warranties
Bumble & bumble
•getting to see M. and S. together tonight as a newly engaged and very happy couple
•being told by S., "We owe it all to you!" (a matchmaker's vain dream come true)
•visiting with out-of-town family
•my young niece knitting her first stitches—Hurrah! Another convert!
•kissing my baby namesake
•jicama + hummus
•compassionate Rob
•Kathryn Kennington's BFA final show: "Treasures of a Child"
•getting all the bananas frozen before Sunday
•a surprise soul-filling good-enough-to-cry-about email from my darling Billy
•working to classical music
Phoebe's CDs (that's fun to say)
•blog friends who make it like comment Christmas (you are my elf heroes)


wendy said...

Geo, this is a fun list. I love that you chased the moon. I love B&B. I haven't figured out knitting yet, but I love crocheting.

Merry Christmas!

b. said...

I love jicama...
So, the B&b is good????

I heart you. a lot.

Rynell said...

Hee hee...I just had to write an article on ceviche.

Chasing the moon is wonderful indeed, as are compassionate husbands.

What's your fave B&B product?

Am'n2deep said...

Funny...the three things on your list that stuck out to me were each mentioned in the first three comments: Chasing the moon (I love the night sky, it can always distract me when it's needed); b., I didn't know you loved jicama too--the taste reminds me of peas fresh out of the garden; and my #1 pick,compassionate husbands.

Azúcar said...

MMmmm ceviche.

compulsive writer said...

I'm grateful for the image of you grabbing your coat and chasing down the moon. It's one of the things I love about you--I could just tell you were a moon chaser.

Geo said...

WENDY. I have rediscovered crochet recently, and am beginning to enjoy it. However, knitting is still my first love. It seems more meditative and balancing to me, probably because both hands seem about equally involved.

B. I can't get enough of that jicama stuff. This is my confession.

I heart you too. A lot. (Gotta show you my tree heart one of these days. I think you'll appreciate it.)

RYNELL. An article? For . . . ? Did you have to do investigative research (I hope)?

I'd have to say that my favorite Bb. product is the Shep Salon in Provo, but beyond that, maybe the Brilliantine. I like the stying lotion too and the thickening spray. I'm really an Aveda girl at heart, so I'm just getting familiar with the Bb. line. Actually, I'm so low maintenance, that using anything at all on my hair is a recent change for me. But I'm still pretty far down on the on the primp scale.

AM'N. That's it! Jicama tastes like fresh garden peas to me too. I am also addicted to those, whenever I get the chance to be. Another of my recent fascinations: freshly ground roasted almond butter.

AZUCAR: I am going to make my first home batch after Thanksgiving. I have happy shrimp and fish waiting patiently in my freezer, and organic lime juice. Yumyumyummyyum. I just learned that it's traditional to drink the "milk" that's left over when you've eaten your ceviche, after you've mixed it with vodka. I'll likely pass on that, but it's interesting.

C-DUB. At least I'm not a car-chaser, though the two seem related. The moon and I go way back with this chasing thing—it used to follow me when I was a child. Now I'm returning the favor.

i i e ee said...

I watched the craters of the moon last night through my new telescope, and I thought of you.

Comet as in the awesome power of clean, or the comet that's been in the sky this past month?

I'm grateful for your gratitude.

Kalli Ko said...

jicama is SO good!!

Geo said...

I I E EE. Awwww!

Hey. Wait. What's that you said? You got a new telescope? That is so very exciting!

I meant Comet, as in, This looks so nice, how come I don't scrub the bathroom more often? But I prefer your celestial kind.

KALLI. Not only is it lovely and talented, the humble jicama is also great at self-defense—it produces a natural insecticide in the above ground vine, meaning that the plant protects itself from harmful pests. Aren't you glad I told you?