12 November 2007

Still below ground, thankful anyway

•finally making enough room in the basement to dance without knocking over a stack of something dusty
•an acupressure session followed by a great talk with my sister-in-law
•hope that it's possible to completely outgrow cool cravings
•a box of found 8mm home movies from the 1950s and an old projector for watching them, all from D.I.
•salty olive oil seaweed snacks from Chao's (don't knock 'em till you've tried 'em)
•letting go of old projects I'm no longer interested in
•rediscovering a 1956 Sally Victor hat pattern in my sewing stash
•rekindling old musical loves
•burlap as tablecloth or window treatment
•the feeling that follows good exercise
•watching the Air Force ROTC kids practice their moves every morning while I walk at the track
•creeping ever closer to home renovations
•a friend who collects Stargate SG-1 and loans her dvds to me, one season at a time (she brought #7 over today)
•the anticipation of a nice hot shower later
Family Home Evening


pflower10 said...

could you define a "cool craving" please AND why you would want to get rid of it if it is in fact "COOL"SUNSHINE

Emily said...

Love your thankful-for lists, Georgia. You inspire me to do a little blessing-counting of my own. Always a good thing.

Oh, and whether you're trying to be or craving it or not, I think you're cool. super cool.

Azúcar said...

I love Chao's! It's a best kept secret of Provo.

compulsive writer said...

Love it! I want to come see your retro fabric.

wendy said...

Love your list, love zupa's (tomato whatever soup--mmmm), it sounds like you're having a bit of adventure down there!

Jamie said...

I think I know what you mean by cool cravings--I will rejoice when I have finally truly overcome the world and "cool" means nothing to me. Lately I have been pondering tinkling, big-haired daughters of Zion Isaiah talked about and it finally sunk in that they weren't daughters of the world or harltos--they were daughters of ZION. Hm.The two-earrings-thing makes a LOT of sense in this respect.

Anyway, I just wanted to say I love that vid. I had an enormous crush on David Byrne when I was about 14...I think it was the big suit and the spazziness...:) My 9th=10th grade boyfriend was a lways a little jealous when we watched Stop Making Sense, but he never realized that I loved hom for all the same reasons! :)

Geo said...

PEEF. Everything having to do with sunshine definitely must stay in my life! I'm talking about the drive to be cool, hip, whatevah you call it on any given day. I mean, I'm not ready to hang it all up for non-fade polyester or Mennonite sensibilties, but I do occasionally get sick of the whole image-consciousness thing. Y'know? Forget it—just hand me a fig leaf. Why do I fall into fantasizing about taking out a second mortgage to shop at Anthropolgie? (I don't, but you get the point, right?)

EMILY. Thanks, dear, but wait'll you meet me in person. My aura is shaped like giant horn-rimmed glasses. My soul wears floods. You'll find out.

AZUCAR. You know what else I love there that they don't always have in stock? Horse beans.

C-DUB. I don't actually have my burlap anywhere yet, but I have used it on tables before, and a friend of mine has draped hit-the-floor pieces of beautiful burlap in the windows of her new house, and it's so . . . (Dare I say it now?) COOL! (I would make a rotten Mennonite.)

WENDY. I've only been there twice. I'm not sold on their salads or sandwiches so much, but their soups (and choco-dipped strawberries) are yummy. I'm partial so far to mushroom bisque. Tomato basil's my next stop.

JAMIE. I get ya. But you know, I still miss my teeny-einy nose post, and the other bitty bit of silver I wore up in the funny elf part of my left ear. I took them both out oh eons ago and let them grow over, before there was ever that mandate. But sometimes I'd trade for them now the usual spots in my lobes. Think that would work? Think the two-hole limit could be negotiated that-a-way? On second thought, I kind of wish I'd never had any holes in me ever, anywhere. Seven at once was my record. I guess I was tinklish then. Now I just have to tinkle a lot. (And I'm worried about cool?)

Gee, you had a boyfriend in 9th grade? I'm not sure I was identifiable as a girl yet in the 9th grade.

Jamie said...

I had a FABULOUS boyfriend in 9th grade...mostly we talked on the phone, ditched school to skateboard, and hung out with his fun parents in their tall pink house over in the NW hills of Tucson. Hm. Sadly, I have been undeniably female since I was 9 and my mom told me I had to go get a bra, we'd put it off as long as we could. It was horrifying.

But then I found the Talking Heads. Love you! More power to you, love.

Rynell said...

I love thankful lists!
and Zupas!