11 November 2007

Today I was thanks-ful for

•occasional (if unnatural) fits of healthy self-control
•crystallized ginger
•tall black boots
•a challenging inspiration
•a sharp razor
•being married to a good cook
•kissing clean-shaven cheeks
•passing on my collection of loud ties to a missionary's family—Jamaica, here they come!
•hand-me-down magazines
•husbandly sweetness
•"a bit of cheese"
lds.org as a study aid
•a "soul-to-soul" sacrament meeting talk
•a mood ring to fidget with
•the memory of Mirjam's glorious cakes
•singing on key (it's rare)
•gratitude itself
•being loved
•finally getting those pictures scanned for Gigi's gnome book
•quilts on my side of the bed
•Rob as alarm clock
•what a Vita-Mix does to strawberry seeds
•babies named Abish
•allowing myself to be taught
•shoulder rolls
•dear ones to worry about
•the sacrament


Am'n2deep said...

Sounds like a good day. I'm glad.

wendy said...

I love that list. I could do that more often. Tweezers is absolutely on my list, too. My trainer pointed out my first chin hair, bless her heart. It's only gone downhill since then. :)

Are Vita Mixes really that good?

"a bit of cheese" -- mmmmmm. Sorry you missed the Tillamook sale! They only had medium sharp cheddar, if that's any consolation.

compulsive writer said...

Love your list. Sout-to-soul always makes it a good day. Love you.

Katrina said...

My favorite alarm clock is my husband too. :-)

Also, loved the Top Ten about your Gram.... priceless!

Phoebe said...

A baby named Abish?

Geo said...

AM'N. The Daily Gratitude List idea seems to get passed around every so often, and yesterday it came up in a class I attended, so I thought I'd start up the practice again. Every time I do, even a difficult day surrenders under scrutiny and reveals its good points.

WENDY. Diamonds? No. Tweezers are a girl's best friend.

I don't have a Vita-Mix of my own (yet?). I only witnessed a demonstration at my in-laws' house last night and it seemed like a good machine. I've read almost nothing but ecstatic reports about Vita-Mix in several of my cookbooks and online. A 7-year complete warranty is intriguing, for sure. We recently bought a Breville blender, supposedly a highly rated appliance, and I pretty much hate it. We're taking it back and I'm committed now to finding the most powerful, reliable superblender I can afford, so I'm shopping around, open to suggestions. I'm done messing around with wimpy equipment!

C-DUB. Love you too.

KATRINA. We have an "arrangement" at our house. Rob snores and I am a light sleeper. I have to sleep with foam bullet earplugs so we can comfortably share a bed. I use the highest sound block available, but come morning, that means I can't hear the alarm. That's where Rob comes in. What I will do if we ever have a baby in our house, I really can't say.

Geo said...

PHOEBE. Yes! I wonder if she will be called Abe for short.

Elizabeth said...

Liked the list. Love clean-shaven cheeks, too, and the comment about singing on key. And babies being named Abish.

You always provide something thought provoking.

Rynell said...

I am a list person.

And I really loved this list.

Yes to Tweezers and so much more...

Am'n2deep said...

Just so you all know, the Vita Mix IS all that. I Love Mine! Use it most every single day...(not even a strawberry seed).

Kalli Ko said...

Lovely Lovely List from Lovely Geo.

I love those days when you're just grateful. I'm ready for some of that myself.

Geo said...

ELIZABETH. That's better than just provoking, yes? (Thank you. You are always so generous.)

RYNELL. I'm trying to get away from some of the lists in my life, like the unreasonable to-do lists, but this kind works well for me. Always makes me happy, whereas the eternal to-do lists . . . .

AM'N. Do you make bread and grind wheat and whip cream and make nut butter and such stuff with yours? I want to know all about Vita-Mix.

KALLI. I should add to my list that I am thankful to be getting to know people like you. Blogging is such a blessing in my life.