03 September 2007


I was looking through the Bright Street blog files and realized I had quite a few dangling posts, a dozen of them. I thought, in the spirit of decluttering, I ought to weed 'em out and just post what I wanted to keep. Some of this stuff is incomplete, but I mostly left it as-is. One post was far too personal to go up for public view, so I moved that one to a private offline file. Several posts had only titles, no content, so I blitzed them. The rest of the wordage I have linked here, in case you want to thumb through a few tidbits that nearly got missed. Wa. La.

It rolls off the tongue
Playing four-square with Melody
Wish list
So much
Post title, no post: Remember your first everything (9/1/06)—deleted
1st quarter 2006 reading list
Post title, no post: Approval is divine (1/19/06)—deleted
Post title, no post: Without compulsory means (1/15/06)—deleted
Handwriting on the wall
still bleeding laundry rob made the yard


Elizabeth said...

YAY! I can read your blog! I'm no longer getting a block anymore. I've missed being able to be included on whatever you have to say. :)

Geo said...

I'm glad you're back! I missed you!

Livs said...

Lovely writing! I was dying to read the rest of the "Handwriting on the Wall story," though.... you must finish it someday!
My verification word is fumze--a good middle name for your baby? Or for a pet?

Geo said...

livs: Thanks! I'm impressed you made it so far down the list. Did you sprain your eyebulbs?

What does Fumze sound like with a French accent? That's the main thing, you know.

christa said...

Your dirty tongue story reminds me of one. My mom and I were at a movie theater about a year and a half ago, and while in front of us sat a mother and father and baby. The baby started fussing and the mother got up to stand on the stairs to rock her (I'm not completely sure why she didnt just take her out). BUT...one man was getting quite fed up with the baby and stood up to shout at the mother to get out -- using the f-word. I remember being so overwhelmed and I wanted to start crying right there. I just remember that I instantly felt the spirit leave and it was NOT a good feeling. Clean mouths are definitely the most attractive :). P.s. Oh how I wish you could come cycle!

Geo said...

christa: I know exactly how that feels. It's sickenin to be around that kind of nastiness, especially when it's not just being used recreationally, but also to actually hurt and manipulate somebody. Ack! I know I would've been really tempted to get into a row with that guy. (Like I'm so tough.)

(But if I came to your class, maybe I would be?)