11 June 2005


still bleeding


rob made the yard look nice—mowed, edged front, pulled weeds in back & front

put bush beans in ground in garden, acorn squash, and miniature peach cantaloupes

walked to farmers' market—scented geraniums—talked to faye and tom—faye charmed gram & gram lied about tv watching, etc.

visited w/sean—helped sean & michelle pack up little things, old laundry, etc.—inherited a bunch of stuff from them that would've otherwise gone to d.i.—stopped by the villa

fish & supper for gram, fruit salad for the masses

fruit salad to stewards' open house—neat house—quirky, artistic furniture & surroundings—nice people in our stake—6 chickens killed by dogs

fruit salad to bowens

decent visit with uncle pat & bowen cousins—yetti suit

watching tyson's movie—dancing, singing, killing

outside with cousins, talking—mission stories—sean's comp & chollo lady w/basket in ecuador—she wouldn't let them see inside it—comp held a pen to his ear—"hello, president clinton? this lady maybe has a bomb in her basket"—she screamed and ran—great missionary work


J'oga said...

I love this post. I can almost feel the events occuring . . . although I wasn't there and the detail is sparse. I can feel the sadness coming from this post - knowing what a difficult time it was in your life.

Thanks for sharing this. It touched me.

Geo said...

j'oga: xo