09 June 2007

Playing four-square with Melody

Because a beautiful Melody asked me to join the latest viral game . . . here goes! (I monkeyed with the questions. Am I disqualified?)

WAS: 4 jobs I have held
IS: The first 4 household jobs I would hire someone to do if I could afford it:

1. fix, update, and expand wiring and plumbing
2. redo walls and ceilings (and insulation situation)
3. remodel kitchen and build new cabinets
4. install new floors

WAS: 4 movies I can watch over and over
IS: 4 sights I never tire of:

1. the mountains
2. hummingbirds at my kitchen window feeder
3. the smile lines at the corners of Rob's eyes
4. honeybees working on flowers

WAS: 4 places I have lived
IS: 4 ways this particular day makes me feel alive:

1. warm sun
2. cool shade
3. good love
4. interesting options

WAS: 4 categories of TV programming I enjoy
IS: 4 of the (many) podcasts I like best:

1. APM: The Story
2. NPR: Story Corps
3. Miette's Bedtime Story
4. The Membrane

WAS: 4 places I have been on holiday
IS: 4 holidays which are already part of my life and should be recognized by Hallmark:

1. March Forth
2. National Shut Your Big Fat Flappin' Mouth Week
3. Normal Friday
4. Good Riddance Day

WAS: 4 of my favorite dishes
IS: 4 of my most annoying twitches:

1. left upper eyelid
2. left lower eyelid
3. right upper eyelid
4. two or more of the above

WAS: 4 websites I visit daily
IS: 4 dumb fights I revisit daily:

1. mood swings
2. body issues
3. entropy
4. personal anarchy

WAS: 4 places I would rather be right now
IS:4 places I'd like to go before the end of the year:

1. the Oregon coast
2. Oaxaca, Mexico at Christmastime for the Radish Festival
3. the entire length of the PCH
4. Logan, Utah for opera—or—Cedar City, Utah for Shakespeare

TAG! Now you're it!

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