30 January 2007

January 30 (growing sprouts, up and out)

I'm making my first-ever attempt at homegrown wheat grass juice. Chico bequeathed to me her setup and supplies when she vamoosed for NYC. I've wanted to get a wheat grass regimen going for ages, but the process has seemed a bit overwhelming. I mean, I have a hard enough time keeping the regular non-drinkable sort of plants alive—the kind you grow because your house needs some prettying up or because you just need a friend around. Anyhow, I sprouted the wheat for a couple days, and now it's ready for its long tray, organic soil, and kelp. Whoa, big step. Exciting.

We got home health care started for The Ancestor today. What a blessing. The nurse, a fellow bloggerette whom I always found interesting but now have a serious crush on, is an amazingly wonderful woman. The physical therapist is a nice, benign, seemingly patient man who will come throughout the week to help with strengthening exercises. An aide will also come weekly to help with bathing. That's not a popular subject with The Ancestor (what an understatement!), but a necessary one. How long will these bits of assistance, moments of relief and support, be covered by Medicare? It's not a long-term arrangement at this point, but at least it's something.

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