25 January 2007

January 25 (fare thee well)

We've known each other for years. Has it been fifteen yet? We were in a Relief Society presidency together, an experience that deeply changed us all, and we'll be friends forever. One of the funny things about the dynamics of this threesome is that I am always the quiet member of the triangle. I don't mean I'm a a non-participant. And I don't mean that I'm not quiet at other times. It's just I feel very quiet in this setting. I am sure of the love, sure of my place with these women, but it just works out that way, typically. It occurred to me tonight that if we three were the Marx Brothers, I'd be Harpo. HONK! HONK!

We went out for Japanese tonight, to celebrate the imminent departure of Chico (left) to NYC and on to the next chapter in her life. We three already don't see each other often enough, so her parting is a little sad, but she still has family here and many reasons to visit, so she isn't vanishing entirely. Anyway, it's thrilling to know that she's following an inner direction, and going toward the light, so to speak. In this instance, the light is shining from the vicinity of the Big Apple. Makes me wonder a bit what's next for Groucho (center) and for me (right, HONK! HONK!). I have some inklings, but I'm trying to let one step at a time be enough for me.

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