29 January 2007

January 29

In order for one to get slathered with affection, one must be clean, i.e., take a @#$! bath. In order for one to receive the necessary shampoo, hairdo, flea dip, and spit-shine in this town, one must have proof of a current rabies vaccine. In order to get that proof, one must (a) learn to write like a human and produce a convincing forgery, or (b) one must subject oneself to a trip to one's very-nice-but-still-a-guy-with-a-needle-in-his-hand vet and be stuck in each bum cheek with this kind of shot and that kind of shot. One is forever asking oneself, are a few kisses worth all these indignities?


Johanna said...

This makes me laugh. And hey, I just noticed Izzy had his indignities on my b-day. I get paddywhacks, he gets bumpokes. (Fair is fair, he gives his share)

Geo said...

Durn if you ain't a poet.