30 November 2006

Brightening up the place


•circumventing consumerism
•buying handmade gifts from a Native American woman supporting a family
•being introduced to "marginology" (Andi Pitcher's phrase) (it's the study of marginalia)
•receiving a phone call of unanticipated and very practical assistance at the precise moment when I began to experience an unavoidable meltdown
•reinventing rooms
•rediscovering home accessories
•decluttering, downsizing
•a freshly-mopped floor
•more light in the kitchen
•being able to use the couch again
•making space for a Christmas tree
•on Monday making an advent calendar with Rob and The Ancestor, then today quietly scheduling in those activities ahead of time so I'm prepared for whatever
•the spiffy new planner Rob designed for us to try out
•clean blank books
•the spit-splice method of joining wool yarn
•remembering the hot chocolate and whipped cream guys who looked at me funny while I chewed on bulky black yarn in Denny's
•having enough money to grab a quickie drive-thru meal when I don't have time or energy to cook and work simultaneously
•one coconut Jelly Belly
•making some small progress on Rob's Christmas gift
•a spiritual experience in Beto's
•laughing and relaxing with my knit group
•M & S are falling in love . . . and I set them up!
•walking through the mall and feeling untouched by spending sickness
•the happiness of recognizing that I did something small that was largely healthy and right
•saying no to a manipulator
•not having to yield to anyone's irrational fears
free knitting patterns
•easy smiles liberally applied
•the big fat aluminum "g" on my keychain
*knowing tomorrow morning I will walk upstairs and be able to find my house again, even if one room is still out of commission


compulsive writer said...

And now today you have me curious about your spiritual experience at Beto's.

I'm finding your lists just tantalizing!

liz said...

congrats on "saying no to a manipulator"

that skill has taken me YEARS to 1) identify who they are in my life
and that's hard to do when you move a lot

2) say no to those identified when it makes sense! why is it so hard? a downside to being a nice person, huh.

Lorien said...

okay, I know I'm awful, but at first glance, I thought your first line read "circumventing circumcision" and I thought, "hmmm. interesting."

Then I read on and found a very nice list. good goals and reminder to find happy places that aren't so stressed out. Thank you.

Azúcar said...

Oh that Andi Pitcher...