07 December 2006

sure, come on over (part two)

dear emily:

things aren't looking so good for this body. my stomach appears now to be in some sort of raunchy competition with my head. the bad news is that i may be soon upending my breakfast. the good news is that i will never, never, never be bulemic. i'm wondering if perhaps one of my acquaintances shared the local stomach bug with me. and here i have tried to be so careful to do my christian duty and avoid like the black plague all sick or sniffling people, shunning them like lepers. sigh. or maybe it's because my health habits tend to fall apart when i am overworked and underslept. for instance, last night i ate half a plateful of shockingly inferior gingerbread men (which i hypocritically stripped of their skittle and gumdrop and chocolate chip features) and smacked my lips like they were from eliane's french bakery. nah, that couldn't be the problem. it's a different sort of nausea than that. oh, what an exciting life. i'd like to throw up and go to bed. bet you're dying to come over now. i should have gone into sales.



Elizabeth said...

I hope you get feeling better soon.

compulsive writer said...


Geo said...

thanks, girls. gotta love blog posts that are half-whine, half-confession, huh?