28 November 2006



•If you're gonna fall off the no-sugar wagon, go ahead and crack your head on the pavement to really make it worth your while. (Costco, you may be the death of me tonight, but at least I'll die happy.)
•the sense of being totally filled with acceptance of someone
•obvious answers to prayers
•friendly invitations
•scrambled eggs
•providing comic relief
•old, wierd, and clomping but warm Sorels
•my husband telling me my boots are cute even though I know everyone else thinks they make me look like Big Foot
•Rob's wacky thing for Big Foot (this may explain the compliment about my Sorels)
It's still out there, and cheaper than ever. Maybe there's hope.
•good kissin'
•finding lost keys
•excellent in-laws
helpful input from others
•knitting cables
•taking baby steps toward letting go of self-criticism
•a made bed
•bank accounts that stay in the black
•clients who bring Panda licorice to say thanks
•the way Rob's eyes pop blue when he wears particular shirts
•the consequences of gratitude
•getting an unexpected ride in the freezing dark instead of having to walk
•Gary's tiaras
•inheriting Granka's sheepskin coat
•being with my girls
•talking out the haps of the day with Rob
•trading some youth (hopefully not all) for perspective
•old friends that stay the course


Jory Dayne said...

Hey Geo! Listen I've rummaged around on the site and I just can't find a contact email, so I'm going to have to do this here. I have a project I'm working on and we may be going towards the letterpress! Drop me a line -- hemmeljo at uvsc dot edu.

b. said...

I LOVE your lists!
Last summer my cousin slipped at costco on a cocktail weiner that had made it's way clear over by the dvd's and broke her hand/wrist... I hope you survived your cheesecake treat.

Geo said...

jory: Hey! I'll fix that right away.

b.: Any story that involves a cocktail wiener automatically makes me snort. Sorry to be callous about your cousin's banana peel acrobatics, but what can I do? Some accidents are just so random that you begin to wonder if they're "meant to be."

I had a sugar hangover this morning and my guts are all wrong, but at least my three-day headache is passing. It was worth it!

compulsive writer said...

sorry--i thought the same about the cocktail wiener.

I think I need you to elaborate about some guy named Gary who has tiaras (not just one, mind you...)

Elizabeth said...

Scott's eyes pop out blue, too, when he wears it (blue, that is :)). I liked the general simplicity of the list. I was reading a friend's blog this morning and she kind of outlined some things on a simple Tuesday that had made her happy--and they were all ordinary things. Kind of reminds me of what you're doing here. Then, had a conversation with a girlfriend this morning and it got me thinking about my own list. I'm sure glad you posted these. I always love to read whatever you have to say. Thanks for the lovely, simple reminders.

b. said...

I know I had written that I had "long since outgrown laughing at other people falling down" but when I heard about the weiner incident I too snorted....how did it make its way to the dvd's?

Chemical Billy said...

Slipping on a cocktail weiner is a comedy classic.

So, nu? Tell about Gary and his tiaras...