11 September 2006

Good Things for the common man

Conversations with birds.

The brand-new issue of Knitty, posted today. Especially this, since I have to make some baby gifts soon and have nearly worn out my hands crocheting one of these for a friend's newly-hatched chicken. (Photo of my blanky to follow, as soon as I put the finishing touches on it.) (Mine's cuter than the one in the pattern.)

Another cute baby hat to try when I get tired of making the above.

Getting a surprise long-distance call from one of my best and most intimate friends, the kind who's proven she's in it for the long haul. (We're approaching three decades!) (She's lovely, huh?)

Sunny days that aren't too hot for a long walk while pushing The Ancestor in a wheelchair.

Listening to fantastic American music, the kind that pours a measure of strength and healing into my soul on a solemn day of personal and national remembrance.


LuckyRedHen said...
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Geo said...

Hiya, Lucky. I changed the photo URL--thanks for the heads-up about the broken link (don't know what happened with that) AND for demonstrating that the photo's former URL made it too easy to identify my pal. The answers to your questions are yes and yes. Don't take this wrong, but I am zapping your last comment so her name's not right here on this post. We haven't been friends for umpteen years just so I can make her a target for stalkers! (Thanks again for the subtle hint.)

: )


Johanna said...

I had to sit on the floor I was laughing so hard at birdie. Especially picturing a conversational bird and 13-y-o boy: "Wet chicken breasts" "That's nasty!" Oh, funny.

And ooh, really love the 'nother cute baby hat. Maybe I'll do this one? Do you still have the link for baby medusa? If not handy, I can dig it up.

oh, ps: did you really see a counter on my site? Where?

Geo said...

Voila! Medusa for youse-ah

Thanks, Joh, for reminding me of the Medusa hat! Another one to keep me busy (although not one to give to just any proud mama).

I laughed pretty hard at the bird talk too.

Maybe I'm dumb, but I thought 897 was a counter. Since the numbers haven't changed recently, however, I've gotten suspicious. What is that number on your blog??

Emmie said...

I LOVE Copland. I feel the very same way about his music!

Geo said...

Emmie, it was such a great thing to be able to work in my house yesterday and crank up the KBYU! The morning shows all played such terrific music, classic American composers--Copland, Gershwin, the big guns. I decided that I really need to see a production of Porgy and Bess. It was such an uplifting listen. I love classical music anyway, but that was a particularly sweet radio session--very conducive to reflection and appreciation. Nothing cynical or sad or wearying--just a lot of strength. Really appropriate for 9/11, at least for me.