31 August 2006

Advice for writers

(Click the image, why don't you!)

When spell-check fails to catch your mistakes, you can always try muscle-testing.


Jamie said...

In college I took a medieval lit. class and we read Chaucer's "Troilus & Criseyde." While I was writing my paper on it, spell check would give me the FUNNIEST options for each of the title names. Since the list was so long, I turned in one version of my paper using a bunch of different spell check suggestions. My prof thought it was so funny, he read passages to the class.

compulsive writer said...

How I would love to read that paper!

I have deep psychological issues surrounding spell check because on a daily basis it tries to tell me own name is misspelled. But at least I am not my friend N. Twyman. For me spell check has no alternative suggestions, but it does keep trying him from a Twyman into a woman.

Geo said...

Yuk, yuk, yuk! (Post spell-check = Yak, yak, yak!)

I'd love to read that paper too, James.

c.w., my issues surrounding spell-check have more to do with enjoying the occasional self-inflicted typo. I have a friend who collects her favorites that arrive in her inbox. It's a little like trying to find sensibility in the ward verification letters . . . good ol' dorky fun.

Jamie said...

I remember one version was "Trowel & Christmas."

Hey, my verification word is "purfibity."

Geo said...

James, would you care to take a crack at defining your cool new word?

J'oga said...

my friend was telling me about the guy that she goes to who does holistic medicine and muscle testing (without touching her arm, of course).
Does joseph do that too? I've been meaning to ask you.

Geo said...

Joe's never mentioned muscle testing to me, so I assume he knows how to do it but uses other avenues to assist in a person's healing. I understand his wife, who is also a therapist but with different specialites, teaches some kind of muscle testing to people who wish to learn.

My sis-in-law, J., uses muscle testing frequently. It's not someething I feel drawn to, except to be silly about it once in a while. (Sorry, J.)