11 September 2006


Or I guess I should say, a la Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, "What now?"

Really, I'm not even close to asking "Why me?" or even "Why not me?" I'm simply bummed that my essay about Leslie Norris didn't make the Irreantum cut. Somehow I thought there would be many of the entries published, so I thought I had a chance to be part of the tribute to Leslie. But no!


Maybe it's because I still say things like "bummed".

Ya think?

Maybe it's because I needed to write that piece for me, and the Irreantum contest was just a necessary device to get me to actually do it. Who knows? Perhaps I was only using them. Ha.

Well, PHHLLLLLTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Gee, what a good sport.)


Becca said...

Well I am surprised. I can't imagine their selected pieces could be any better. I'm glad you at least published it in your own forum for the benefit and uplift of your general readers.

Do you have more pieces for me to read? Oh wait, I can subscribe! Wahoo!

Geo said...

That's it. You're on the payroll now.

No more pieces yet, but I am thinking up a project . . . !

Let me tell you, subscriptions are the way to go. I just found out that I can subscribe to blogs that DON'T have the handy dandy box . . . as in YOURS . . . so I am planning to go through my files and subscribe to all the blogs that I habitually, faithfully, expectantly check. It's great to get an email in the morning saying that so-and-so has updated. Three cheers for tools that help me conquer OCD tendencies!

Johanna said...

What? WHAt?

Becca said it better, because I want to say is "freaking losers."

I want to read more too.

AzĂșcar said...

PHhhhbbbbbbbbttt indeed.

And no, 'bummed' is now part of the vernacular, so no penalties attached.

Geo said...

Az: Juicy, tongue-flapping raspberries are also part of the vernacular in my book.

b. said...

I had never even heard of irreantum before your blog......and, now....irre-who?

Geo said...

b.: Gee, that's got the sound of a rather nice yodel . . . .


b. said...

ohhh....my aunt hazel can yodel so good!