06 March 2006

First day of the Idiot Walk, dedicated to Joh and Duke

I intended to post this in mid-Februrary, but . . . well, here it is a couple weeks late. A set of photographs from the first day of the Idiot Walk for Izzy and me. When Rob saw this batch of pictures he said it looked like I was on vacation in Iraq. You'll see why toward the end. I'm dedicating this first day o' hiking to Joh and big dog Duke, because they are proud supporters of Team Idiot, and also because Joh found these great names for us and emailed them to me:

"For you: Aglakti--'person who makes words stand in order or song maker'. For Izzy: Keelut--'evil earth spirit with the appearance of a dog'. And when he acts up, you can say, 'Heel it, Keelut.'"

(Thank you for the compliment, Joh. And you obviously know my dog very, very well.)

If you happen to want to find a special new name for yourself or your own quasi-sled dog, look here.


AzĂșcar said...

I like the one where your puppy is standing in your shadow. At first that little furball looks like trim on your skirt. So cute.

And YES Iraq--so hilarious. I like how puppy was assisting those fine gentlemen.

Johanna said...

Hey, thanks! We're honored. And I LOVE the self-portrait! I hear you guys have the plague too? Are you getting through it?

Geo said...

Carina: Maybe one day he will be trim on my skirt. What a great idea.

Joh: Plague shmague. It didn't kill us, so I guess it made us stronger.

Thanks for the positive photo feedback.