08 March 2006

Take me to the river (for Becca)

Want to see more activity from Team Idiot? Here's the batch of photos I shot in the bitter mid-February chill of the Idiot Walk, day two. It was too cold, really, to stop and really compose much, but what I managed to chronicle is dedicated to lovely Becca, another generous supporter of this grateful sled dog and driver. I thought our in-town walk would be the one to dedicate to her, because she is to me what the city mouse is to the country mouse. Hmm. Maybe a walk downtown, or a gallery stroll would have been a more appropriate choice. Well at any rate, Becca, this river's for you!

Chilly snapshots are located here.


Becca said...

Thanks for thinking of me, here, there, anywhere; "I'll go where you want me to go"--so long as I can go with you!

Elizabeth said...

Team Idiot? That's hilarious.

I'd be your patron any day.

Johanna said...

Ohhh Georgia, oh where are you?
Ohhh Georgia, are you sick too?
When you're not posting, we are blue
Oh Georgia where are you?

Jamie said...

ditto...where oh where can my little fig be? i hope you are okay...xoxoxox

Bev said...

I hope that it has warmed up for you since you took this picture. Even though spring has sprung, it seems colder than ever on my side of the country.

Geo said...

Okay, okay, I'm trying to catch up on comments. Sorry, all. Life is crazy. Love yer guts.