26 January 2006

Dead puppies aren't much fun

Have you met Izzy, my dog? (That's my handsome honey on the right.) Izzy had a nasty flare-up of disk disease last year, and has been convalescing for the past couple months. He and I both need some action, as we've both been receiving medical care for a season and have grown a little still over the winter. I came across a link to this website
today, and I feel sure that Izzy and I need to take on this little challenge and "run with the big dogs", or in this case, the sled dogs, in the 8th Annual Idita Walk. Izzy certainly needs more physical therapy and I need an excuse for more fresh air, away from my house, away from stressors. And I have a down-deep need to see more sights like this while I log miles:

. . . sometimes with the sun a bit higher in the sky, but you get the point. So. I need sponsors, kinda like I used to when I was a kid and did those 20-mile March of Dimes walk-a-thons with my dad. The registration fee for the two of us comes to $55 bucks, and while the money goes to a great cause, the support of BSA Camp Bronson, we just this week impulsively spent more than that on another worthy project, and I think I need to slow down the spending for a few minutes and not get ahead of my budget. Anybody want to sponsor us? Do I have 55 friends who each have a buck burning a hole in a front pocket? In exchange I could: (a) write you into an Idita-inspired limerick, (b) sent you an autographed photo of Izzy, (c) make a wish for you at the lake or up the canyon when I find a rock with a stripe running through it (they're everywhere, so it's a fail-proof option), (d) invite you over for a meal, if you're local, or (e) negotiate other terms with you. Howzabout it? Rob, I'm counting on you to be a sponsor, as you always are of my strange endeavors. I know you're good for a buck or two.

Gee . . . 35 straight days of light hiking with my Bichon Frise sounds like a good habit waiting to happen. Mush! Mush!

[Ha ha, I just ran spell-check on this post and Izzy should really be "Icky" and his breed isn't Bichon Frise, but "Bison Fries". 'I'd like an order of Icky Bison Fries, please.' 'You wanna super-size that?']


Becca said...

i'd contribute a buck or five.

Geo said...

Whoo! Bring it on!

~j. said...

I was beginning to think that I was the ONLY one who had ever heard the "Dead Puppies" song.

i will email you.

Elizabeth said...

Me too. At least a buck.