06 January 2006

Just pee for two

Thanks, beautiful Shakes woman, for the 6¢ loan so I could buy a pregnancy test at the dollar store. I dropped my coat and bags the moment I walked through my front door, took a quick dose of curry courage, and cracked open the kit. Never mind I used an old pretty teacup to catch the stream. Never mind three straight days of collective dreams. Never mind Noel for a middle name. There was only one pink stripe. I didn't really believe there would be two, but I had to check, because a dollar's a dollar (without tax), and there's always a chance that there'll be a third time (charmed, I'm sure) and that there mightn't be that old telltale feeling of fullness in my stomach to make me suspect.

Thanks for curry and compassion and conversation and cruising for undershirts and keeping cool when some cad of a criminal obviously moved your car in the mall parking lot. You're terrific.

I owe you 6¢ now that your investment in a godchild has gone belly up.


Becca said...


Rachel said...

i love the experience. who knew that there were pregnancy tests at the dollar store? next time, if there is a next time, i will definitely head down Manzanita to my local dollar joint.

and i love that becca said damn. that's hilarious.

and i wish there were two lines for you...next month?

Azúcar said...

Shakes is just returning the favor for the time when she had to bum a few cents off my mom when they ran into each other at The D.I.

"Hi! So nice to see you!"
"Hi! How are you!"
"Good, good...can I borrow some money?"

Jamie said...

I know it sounds silly, but I just had that experience for the first time in my life this week, too, and it really is kind of a bummer, huh? Shucks, Georgia. I thought of you and me and fertility adn hope and faith last night when I was driving home from Visit Teaching, listening to The Innocence Mission" Glow album. Of course the Georgia song is always about you, adn I loved the line, "You would think now hope would be tired , but it's alright...." My hope is gettinga little tired after this one sad season, so I admire and feel for you now. Maybe they just want to come together.

Johanna said...


Not to be gauche, but can I put a quarter in your mental jukebox (a wonderful phrase) about a different kind of egg? I was wondering if I could request an entry about chickens. We're going to have some this spring, but I wondered what your experiences have been with them.

Love Joh

PS: Where are you?