05 January 2006

Retro post

[I'm handwriting this because our computer's disconnected at the moment--Rob and I just watched all but the last half hour of Tarkovsky's Nostalghia, and since our tv/vcr/dvd suite is outta whack, we always have to bring the computer upstairs and huddle around the monitor to watch anything. I'm writing on the back of today's mail because it's handy--this envelope is addressed to Rob, but since it's obviously an overdue notice from the library, I'm sure he'll never open it. I'm writing in hot pink because it's the only fine-point anything I can find without having to leave the room.]

Today's lessons:

1. Some days are just going to be a a bust, no matter what.
2. When you feel like you're nearing the end of your endurance, it helps to force out some random humor to break the tension. Examples: Do your one lousy tap dance step as fast as you can; surprise yourself with a loud, maniacal "ha ha hee hee hoo hoo" and repeat until you are laughing in earnest.
3. Occasionally even your most intimate friends will misunderstand you and criticize you unfairly.
4. A loving, trustworthy husband is something to give thanks for.
5. Accepting and loving yourself is not a linear process.
6. Pink can be a nice color.
7. If your body tells you it has to have a certain food even after two consecutive balanced meals, you probably ought to give in to your craving.
8. It always helps to go out into the sunshine.
9. Yellow subtitles are easier to read than white ones.
10. People and dogs need to take more walks, more drinks, and more potty breaks.
11. Peace is a more reliable indicator of a good choice than are the opinions of onlookers.
12. Nobody needs to see your body except your spouse and occasionally your doctor.
13. Sugar is a drug.
14. Reading and writing are two of the most empowering skills a person can develop.
15. You won't remember it as long as you think you will if you don't write it down.
16. There are potential friends everywhere.
17. Feelings of entrapment cause stomach aches.
18. Plants need water but some watered houseplants die anyway.
19. A good story read aloud makes dishwashing a more enjoyable experience.
20. Biting can be therapeutic.
21. It probably isn't worth worrying about.
22. Take a picture; it'll last longer.
23. Time and Indian curry heal all wounds.
24. An authentic French bakery is a Candida sufferer's special kind of hell.


Hoobickie said...

Being bitten with a therapeutic bite is also therapeutic. xo

Geo said...

Lucky for us both I have teeth.

Rachel said...

i love the "accepting yourself is not a linear process" realization. so true. I think it more looks like a circular ekg for me.

Chemical Billy said...

Hm, I've been having some of those very lessons, Geo.

And it's been too long since I've seen Nostalghia.