17 January 2006

Thirteen in thirty-six

[I originally posted this several hours ago as a response to this meme. All the links and extra text that automatically posted as parts of the meme package were a little too chewy to leave up on my blog, so I'm deleting most of it. If you read comments #1 and #2 below and wonder what they're about, they're referring to that initial chaos of unnecessary stuff. You can ignore those comments if you wish, except for maybe thanking Joe for lightly prodding me in the direction of simplicity. Meme clutter, be gone! Now, for the actual content of my post . . . .]

I just made a count and realized that I have successfully Freecycled exactly 13 offers in under 36 hours. Wow! Space for me, stuff for somebody(ies) else! I like to donate to Deseret Industries as well, because it's a great help to my community, but sometimes Freecycling just can't be beat. I like giving things to people who need them, without charging them. I like that I can post an offer and in no time have a taker who will come to my house and--POOF!--my stuff disappears! I've made a few friends through Freecycle; two even joined my knit group. Love it. Love that Freecycle. I've scored a few major finds of my own there, but mostly I love it because it's helping me dejunk my life while being generous AND saving time and gas money. I sometimes call Freecycle the Abundant Universe list.

Thirteen Offers Freecycled by Geo in Thirty-Six Hours

1. Gram's ceramic snowman candy/trinket dish with lid
2. Two fat candles
3. Black Magic auto exterior & interior protectants
4. Bulk herbal combinations: Nu-Fem, Changease, and Prolapse formulas
5. Six gallon jugs of distilled water
6. Eureka "World Vac" 5 hp vacuum
7. Household cleaning supplies, bug foggers, and metal polishers
8. Metal milk crate
9. Dozens of plastic containers, all with lids that fit
10. Strange and wonderful groceries (i.e., Masaman curry paste, Xocai, Noni Juice, Worcestershire sauce)
11. Reclaimed upholstery foam
12. 1970s weaving shuttle candleholder
13. Wooden abacus from Pier One Imports


joe the potter said...

I understand Freecycling. That makes sense. The thirteen thing is very confusing.

Geo said...

You know, I agree. As soon as I posted this "Thursday Thirteen" Technorati meme stuff I regretted it. I think I'll revise this post and whittle it back down to a plain ol' list. Thanks, Joe, for seconding my confusion. Future readers of this blog post won't have to scratch their heads over the Technorati verbage. My own verbage is enough to make them do that.

J'oga said...

years ago, geo gave me a light blue comforter . . . said that she had used it in her college years . . . I've used it ever since. Used it through my mission . . . still using it now. Thanks, Geo!

~j. said...

Very nice. I would have taken those gallons of distilled water.

Chemical Billy said...

Wow, I didn't know about Freecycle before, Geo. Mr. Billy had heard about it, but was skeptical. However, hearing you dig it was enough for him. I've just joined!

Jamie said...

I, too, have joined the Gallatin Valley chapter of freecycle, and man, people are gonna love it when I spring clean my basement to make my sewing room!!! Thanks for the tip--it's somehow more comforting to know your stuff is going to someone who wants it bad enough to come get it.

AzĂșcar said...

I joined this morning! I also freecycled an old dresser within 45 minutes of joining.

Yay! Freecycle! This is what I've been searching for: people to come to my house and rid me of my junk.