28 December 2005

Doggy dancin'

I faithfully did my homework this evening. Two days in a row! This is how one gets an A+, right? Consistency wins the prize? I realized about 7:00pm that I'd forgotten to make a plan for taking my daily me-vitamin, so I stopped right in the middle of supper prep, rushed into the living room, and called to my dog to join me. I turned on the radio and surfed stations till I found something we could dance to, and then we cut a rug. Okay, Izzy was more interested in his Christmas beef-marinated rawhide than he was in following my lead, but he did do a brief jig at my feet while I did my best Rockette kicks to Frank Sinatra singing, "New York, New York". He got into it with me a little more when I tuned in The Troggs' "Wild Thing". He happily munched away at his treat while I flailed on, solo, to eight other songs, then we both gave it up. Want a playlist? Okay, here's my first ever iMix.

By the way, Miki, if you're reading this, I did my Solid Gold moves in your honor to your favorite Keane song.

Sure, sure, go ahead and laugh at me. I admit it; I love Peter Frampton.

One more thing: I started up my "nighttime blog" again, in case you'd like to stop in. It's called Adventures in Slumberland.


afp763389 said...


if theres any real

if theres any

at all

Chemical Billy said...

Digging your mix, dancing girl. For some reason this post made me remember Geo's own 4th of July parade after the Provo 4th of July parade.

Best parade ever.

Geo said...

afp: You've shared more words at my blog than you have at your own! Thanks for the generosity. Take care.

Billy: *Sigh* and your comment reminds me of Abba's "Dancing Queen" which only makes me want to break out the dog again and do some more unconvincingly fancy kicks.

Geo said...

Hold on, that made it sound like I want to kick my dog. Not true!