28 December 2005

Llama love

I had an appointment with my naturopath today. There are several big issues that we are working on so we covered a good deal of ground, but at one point in our conversation he narrowed the focus to really emphasize a particular part of my "homework" that he feels I must work harder on: taking some time just for myself each day and doing something--anything--that makes me laugh or smile and nourishes my soul. I have so many different treatments and remedies I must remember each day, and so many fires to put out at home, that I confess I let this assignment go way too often. Why? It's the pleasantest of all my therapies, and yet it's the one that slips my mind consistently. I promised I would renew my efforts, and as a good-naturedly authoritative reminder, Dr. W. wrote me out a "prescription" for my daily play and told me to stick it on my fridge.

On my meandering way home from the clinic, I took a back street I know and turned off onto a private dirt road where there is kept a small herd of llamas. I parked and walked to the fence where two llamas were tethered. I talked to them quietly, noticing a new electrical wiring system that had been put in place to keep the llamas from getting out, and soon, several other llamas appeared a little way off and curiously approached as a band. I spoke to them with all the friendliness and gentleness I could, and soon, they were standing before me, blinking and ruminating, ears erect. I held out my hand and one stretched her neck forward to nibble me with her lips. Another came close and sniffed me softly, nose-to-nose--this is how they greet new people if they feel at ease. Then another did the same. One of the young ones stood there a little stupidly and stared at me, chewing and grinding his teeth and making a strange complaining sound, almost as if he had some sort of a nervous tic; that llama reminded me of certain playground boys from my early grade school days, the kind that ought to wipe their noses and close their slack jaws and stop bothering the girls.

It was a short break, but a nice one. I was thinking it might be a good idea for me to track my little daily therapies, to make sure I do them, but also so I can collect some ideas. I'm interested in so many things but when it comes to fun guilt-free breaks, sometimes I come up with far too many reasons to bypass them.

So, llamas. Talking to llamas is good. Being greeted by llamas is very good. I did my homework today, at least in one subject.


Johanna said...

Concerning llama llove:

I'm gonna get my Dr. to write me an RX like that too. And then one for himself. Do keep posting what/how you're taking your medecine; reading your blog is a happy dose for me.


Chemical Billy said...

For me too, m'dear! I hope you find some Llama love regularly...

AzĂșcar said...

I'm always afraid to start that prescription because I remember how much I love it and then the pendulum is stuck in the other direction for many moons.

I think there's laundry to be folded from weeks ago...but have read a great deal!

Geo said...

Billy, you don't know, do you, how happy I am each time I find you've posted something new? I could count reading your blog as my daily dose of fun, if only ya wouldn't skip days. xxx