19 October 2004

An invitation

[NOTE: This was the inaugural post of a former blog of mine. I have merged that blog with this one, in an attempt to streamline my life a bit. To read other dream posts, click the label "Adventures in Slumberland." And as before, feel free to share your own dreams.]

I've always been an intense dreamer. I lie down and the show begins. Doesn't matter if I'm only taking a catnap; when I close my eyes, within moments of my passing into measured-breath sleep, my mind shows me moving pictures, in Technicolor and Surround Sound.

When I was a child, I used to analyze my mother's dreams; she would regularly rehearse them to me and I would give her my best interpretations. I still recall some of my mother's dreams, almost as clearly as if I'd they'd been my own. During my primary years, I had some strange, impossible dreams that I was convinced had truly occurred; it took me years to yield that they could never have happened, and yet, those dreams are more vivid memories even now than many of the "real" events of my littlehood.

I love dreams. Several years ago, I tried recording my dreams each morning when I awakened, but I found that, even when I penned the lines at sloppy top speed, I was spending half my morning and lots of pages just writing and writing and writing. Finally, I realized I had to stop the practice and get on with my daily tasks. I'm the queen of stress dreams, and also I'm well-versed in what my husband and I call "pizza dreams", but also I frequently have dreams that seem decidedly instructive and helpful, maybe comforting or analytical. Now and then I have a "Capital D Dream" which has deep significance of some sort, often spiritual. I feel really blessed to have dreams of all sorts, and to have a mind that can sometimes comprehend and nearly always appreciate symbolism. Not all dreams are worth the time and effort it takes to pick them apart, but they can be wonderful tools when they've got something genuinely worthwhile to communicate.

I enjoy sharing other's dreams sometimes as much as I thrive on decoding my own. I thought this blog could be a place to tell a few dream stories, mine and yours. If you'd like to submit a dream for possible posting here, email it to me, and I'll look it over. Do enlighten me as to your desired level of anonymity. Please be considerate in your choices; there are some dreams that are not appropriate to be shared because of content, whether it's of an "adult" nature, or perhaps it's simply too personal. I will use my own discretion, with the standard in mind that I would like all to feel reasonably comfortable visiting this blog.

Dream on!

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