20 September 2004

When the going gets tough, the tough count blessings

The more brutal the day, the more important it seems to be to consider and enumerate what there is to be honestly grateful for. I've had, um, a list-inducing kind of day.

I am thankful for:

--making a really tasty vegetable soup with tomatoes from our garden
--Rob, scrubbed and shaved
--reprieves, however brief, from headaches
--finally getting the News & Calendar pages of our business' website updated
--fresh, clean, cotton sheets to sleep on tonight
--never having to do the wash in a laundromat again
--Downy unscented liquid fabric softener
--a Thai lunch invitation from a friend, even though I had to take a raincheck
--a well-timed windfall of loving communications from friends and a cousin
--Family Home Evening
--neck massages, whether or not they eliminate headaches
--arms of warm comfort closing around me
--natural peanut butter and Gala apple sandwiches
--love at home
--1/2 bushel boxes of fruit “seconds” for five bucks from Allred Orchards
--preparing peaches for the freezer with Rob
--the way Lemon Elberta and Red Skin peaches so willingly shed their skins after being blanched for a minute
--counting blessings and remembering where they come from
--air-popped white popcorn--just for tonight, without salt
--almost three weeks straight off sugars and refined flours
--hand-me-up clothes from my sisters-in-law
--a house to live in--not fancy, but decent
--a really comfortable bed to sleep in
--food in the cupboard
--people who do what they say they’ll do
--unsquelched gratitude
--Pilot Hi-Tec-C pens
--an answering machine with three voice boxes plus one generic extra for individuals who find the choices too confusing or who simply feel contrary
--being comfortable with letting the answering machine do its job
--saying no to call waiting
--yellow okra flowers
--persuading Helen to seek marital counseling before she kills or leaves her husband
--knowing how to read and write
--no billboards in my house
--those amazing sauerkraut jars that I use for everything
--my fabulous bed (worth mentioning twice)
--waking up this morning from a dream that produced a happy (if temporary) resolution to a troubled relationship from the past
--going to bed early (think I’ll do that)


Godzilla said...

--a well-timed windfall of loving communications from friends and a cousinDo I know this cousin? *wink*

onixstarr* said...

Geo - I'm thankful I read your blog because it reminds me that there're many beautiful people in this world and that I've not had the opportunity to meet all of them... yet. You write fabulously, it's been an honor meeting you. *strong handshake and a bow*

Becca said...

I am missing you a ton. Keep thinking I'll call but too much going on (on both ends probably). Soon? Also, coming soon, a few random words on tropical velvet.

DogMan said...

"A list inducing day"... I'll have to remember that! Seems like this day was not a good one, cause that is a seriously long list! You know what I thought was cool? The little things you found to be grateful for. I mean, you found them, thought of them, took a moment to appreciate them. Most of us don't have that talent. You write amazingly well, do you know that? I'm glad you have plenty of posts.. it's going to take me a while to get through them all.. but I will.

Words are words... some people use them well, others do not. You? You're an artist with them. I don't know what it is with the way you write, but it's bliss and beauty all rolled up together.

That sounded cheesy as hell. lol, But it's sincere. I'm just in awe.