19 October 2004

Home fire's burning

Rob called me up on the intercom and said he was about to light the first fire of the year in the studio stove and wondered if I'd come out to share the moment . . . and bring matches. It's turned cold and rainy the past couple days. I could see my breath yesterday afternoon when I was out running errands. Just two days ago it was sunny and hot. Utah weather is strange this time of year; it's all mood swings and uncertainty. Maybe that's why I like it so much; I can relate.

I started another blog today, a dream journal, sort of: Adventures in Slumberland. No actual dreams are detailed there yet, but the framework is in place.

I've been Freecycling this morning, getting rid of stuff as I plough my way through the basement in preparation for our new housemate who's coming at the end of November. I had a great disappointment just now, thanks to a cyber glitch. I was supposed to be picking up a CLAWFOOT TUB from a woman in the next valley up. I just made contact with her and she told me she'd given the tub to someone else. Why? Because she sent me an email which I never received, saying she wanted it picked up over the weekend rather than this week, as we'd originally agreed. Is my heart broken? My heart is more than broken; it's smashed. I liked thinking this was some kind of good karma coming around, for the clawfoot tub I gave my father-in-law a couple years ago, and to help us put together a decent downstairs bathroom. I actually feel sick at my stomach. I think I'll go rain a little out by that warm studio stove.

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