18 September 2004

A study in human behavior--double or nothing

Multiple choice: Zuzu works all day and all night on Saturday and never stops to go shopping as she had planned on a saner day. Sunday morning arrives, and finds her with ripe hair that is screaming for a scrub. The only "shampoo" in the house is Ajax Orange Anti-Bacterial Dishwashing Liquid, which she has recently sworn off.

Zuzu (choose one):
(a) washes her hair with Ajax and tries to make it up to her tresses with conditioner.
(b) washes her hair with 'Happy Hippy" bath soap.
(c) doesn't wash her hair but goes to church with a smile so confident and bright that nobody notices she's greasy.
(d) doesn't wash her hair but goes to church; sits in the back corner, trying to be invisible; takes the sacrament; then hides out for two hours in the mothers' lounge.
(e) goes back to bed and forgets she's ever heard of church.
(f) shaves her head.
(g) (other) _________________________________________

If you are the first to answer this question correctly, you will receive a very special non-greasy prize. If you are lucky enough to be a double winner (see yesterday's test question), I will throw in a little something extra, because you are both clever and quick.

I'll announce the winner(s) Monday or Tuesday. Good luck!

1 comment:

J'oga said...

ok, this is a tough one. I am almost convinced that (b) is a trick answer . . . because if zuzu had access to "happy hippy" bath soap, wouldn't she have resorted to this product before even considering ajax? I do believe that "happy hippy" bath soap does not exist. So . . . the next choice would be (a) . . . but doesn't seem like a rational choice considering the fact that the writer has posted it as the first option. Typically, when taking a test, the first choice is not the right choice. There may be an exception to the rule here though . . .
as I said, this is a tough one.

I guess I'll give it a try though. I'm going to go with (g) and say that zuzu decided to embrace the southern girl inside herself and show up at church sporting a cleverly knit cap . . . tassle and all. Gram style. How's that for a guess?

oh, and referring to the previous question . . .I don't think that zuzu has resorted to ajax yet. I believe that she cares about her hair's sanity too much to put it through such a horrible trial. 0. zip. nada.