23 March 2014


Seen at church today: During the sacrament hymn, a young family, arriving late, entered the chapel and hunted for an open pew. The little son, trudging along in plaid flannel, wore gold star stickers that covered the entire left side of his face. 

I noticed another young family seated to my right. Their tiny girl charms and breaks my heart every Sunday with her moon face; she's like a mini version of a dear friend of mine. With all my heart I want this little woman to have a happier, safer childhood than my friend did. Today Moon Face was wearing glistening golden moccasins. They were magical. 

And it settled into my heart, this big thought, this marching order: Search for the gold. I had the impression that every person in the room, and not in the room, had gold inside. Many times it's a treasure that's buried deeply, seemingly beyond discovery, its value concealed, but it is there. My job is to find that gold, to see it and help others see it—this was the message that came to me.

Wouldn't you think that by now, in my middle years, I'd be done wondering what I'm to do with my life? But I do wonder. It changes, and I want to know and keep my knowing fresh and new. So maybe this is part of my answer: I'm a gold diviner, a dowser of worth. Plenty of satisfaction and job security in that kind of work.

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RoxxStarr said...

Are you just finding this out about yourself? For I've always known you, above all, look for gold. Be it the ghetto Cafe or next door, you always spot the gold.